Losing weight right at home.

It is known that overweight, tight to the body, has a very moody character.
First, they are not inclined to change places. Get rid of them is not easy. But even if you manage to lose weight. This does not mean that the hated kilos will not return. To keep the weight even harder than losing weight.

Before trying to harass yourself to keep your regained weight. Try to objectively evaluate yourself.

Many women in pursuit of precious 90-60-90 do not want to take into account the composition of the body. He is granted by nature. It is not necessary that these forms are your norm. Everyone worked so hard and shed those extra pounds. The fact that it is useful, natural fats for you to return and water homeostasis by law.

Homeostasis is the relative dynamic constancy of the chemical composition and stability of the basic physiological functions of the body.

The body carefully maintains the temperature of the body, blood, lymph, tissues, cells, intercellular substance. Similarly, body support and body fat. With normal nutrition and proper functioning should be constant.

Another thing, when in fact weight loss was excessive. Contrary to your natural environment. Here, in order to preserve the achieved result, you need to fight not with your own body, but with temptation.


Of the extra pounds thrown out, you can get rid of forever. To maintain a normal weight, stick to food moderation. But this is where difficulties arise.

The most pernicious for losing weight is abundant holiday dinners. Also picnics in the countryside. The flavor of the meal and the type of appetite set the table. Where appetite, drinks and good company are euthanized, vigilance.

Needless to say, the temptation to be able to cope only with this iron willpower. No less important is the exercise. Proper dosage and regular intake, it can not only help you save weight. But also to have a complex positive effect on the entire body.
Sedentary lifestyle, on the contrary. It provokes a quick return of previously eliminated kilograms.

It is useful to save lost weight. You can use a diet called «plate rule». This means that you can eat any food. Fulfill only one condition. First you need to divide the food into two plates. And then half again one half. A half plate should always be filled with vegetables or fruits. A quarter is protein food and a quarter is carbohydrate.

This rule should be observed at each meal. The beauty of the diet is that there is no need to count calories. You can freely vary the different types of dishes. And, of course, most importantly, nutrition will be moderate and healthy.

 Losing weight right at home.


Here are some useful tips, the observance of which would not require from you any serious effort and at the same time makes it easier to move «vesouderzhatelny» period.

• Meat, fish and vegetable dishes, try to eat cooked on
grilled, steamed or baked. Avoid all fried and seasoned with fatty sauce.

• Avoid complex side dishes and mixtures of unknown composition and try to limit ourselves while eating a plate.

• Immediately define themselves serving without asking for supplements and show willpower, refused the offer you extra goodies.

• Use the available food to which you are accustomed.

• Minimize the use of alcoholic beverages, which among other things harm increase appetite and blunt vigilant against food.
It is safe to drink the dry wines, not forgetting about the only reasonable rates.


• Give preference to natural products, trying to cook them yourself. Canned foods and frozen mixture is better to eliminate or at least reduce to a minimum.

• When a low amount of calories consumed daily, especially during the cold season, do not neglect vitamin complexes.

• Eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly. Try not to make a meal out of the cult.

• Never eat while reading or watching TV. Switch to another activity, you swallow food, not sated, or carried away and lose all sense of proportion.

• Train yourself not to leave the house hungry, to the desire to have a meal somewhere on the street not prevailed.



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