Easy ways to lose weight.

Easy ways to lose weight.

Easy ways to lose weight.

Wonderful remedy for losing weight.

Easy ways to lose weight. I’ll give you a prescription for the herbal collection recommended by German phytotherapeutists for obesity, as well as for the prevention of atherosclerosis.

The effectiveness of this recipe I tested on myself and on my numerous patients.

To prepare the collection, mix 30 g of buckthorn bark, 30 g of senna leaf,
20 g of dandelion roots, 20 g of aboveground part of parsley and dill,
20 g of herb mint.
2 tbsp. Spoons (without a slide) of the ground mixture, pour 500 ml of steep boiling water and leave overnight.
In the morning, strain, drink the infusion obtained.

This is a wonderful tool for those who want to lose weight.
However, I recommend: a week, drink an infusion of this collection, then take a break for a week — and so on until you achieve the harmony you need.

After each week of taking the collection, it is necessary to take a one-week break, because this collection is potent: it actively expels liquids from the body and has a lax effect.
The diuretic effect of this collection is so strong that after it is taken
I advise you to stay at home for about an hour.


Wonderful remedy for losing weight


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