Losing weight properly.

Losing weight properly.

Losing weight properly.

5 rules of successful fat loss.

You can stick to your diet and go to the gym, but it’s not
It guarantees that you will lose fat. Therefore for successful
hudeniya need to follow some rules.

1. In the morning drink coffee!

A cup of coffee after you wake up not only wake you up fast, but also help
burn more fat during exercise in the afternoon. In addition, caffeine prevents the subsequent accumulation of fat. Do not add sugar in coffee and cream — they interfere with caffeine to perform his work.

2. Do exercises before breakfast.

While you sleep, your body usually depletes sugar, and if, immediately after
wake up (after a cup of coffee) do a little cardio, then
will be the main source of energy is subcutaneous fat. It is for this
because the effectiveness of morning cardio is very high.

3. Drink water! Losing weight properly.

Between meals, drink 2 cups of water. This speeds up the exchange of
substances for 25-30% within an hour. Lack of water, on the contrary, inhibits fat burning.

4. Get enough sleep.

Hormone levels decreased almost all from lack of sleep a person. Also, there is a delay of the process of fat burning and metabolism.
Lack of sleep will only increase fatigue and cause additional hunger.
We need to sleep 7-8 hours a day. But more sleep 10 hours also adversely affect the organism.

5. Cardio workout instead.

Without training to get rid of excess fat can not be, and pre-workout necessarily need to warm up. Typically it includes warm-up and stretching exercises. But in order to accelerate fat burning, try to replace the standard warm-up for a short 10-15 minute cardio, for example, on a stationary bike or treadmill. This will not only warm, but also to burn at least 150 calories.

losing weight properly

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