Lose weight.

Lose weight.

Lose weight. Diets that work.

7 products that you need to eat at night to lose weight.

Experts say if you want to lose weight, then you need to close the mouth of the castle after 18.00. It is a myth! There are foods that are not only possible, but also need to eat at night, if you want to lose weight quickly.

You do not eat after 18.00, and go to bed after midnight, but sleep does not work, because you are worried about hunger? Do not torture yourself, here’s a list of foods that can be eaten at night, if you want to lose weight quickly.


Natural yogurt, yogurt and cottage cheese — these products are easy protein, which is well absorbed, not deposited in the form of fat and does not overload the body. It is important to know in order to lose weight quickly, all these products must be savory! Sufficient portion — 200 grams.


A glass of warm milk — a great option for reinforcements before going to bed. It is not only a lot of protein, but also there is an amino acid — tryptophan, which causes drowsiness and brings the body into a state of calm. It was better than your sleep, the less risk that you will begin to wake up to replenish reserves of energy with the help of fat and sweet.


This product — a rich source of useful protein. After supper dish of eggs, you are good to eat, and keep your figure in shape. An excellent choice for the evening meal — scrambled eggs, made from two eggs with spinach and tomatoes.


Turkey meat or skinless chicken eaten in the evening, is able to maintain the metabolism at the right level, such a product does not prevent you to sleep at night, as it should. It is a source of vitamins. A, B, E, and minerals of the whole complex. In poultry practically no carbohydrates at this dinner, you can lose weight quickly and not worry about her figure. Optimum serving -150 grams of chicken breast, cook it for a couple or a boil, drink along with fresh vegetables.

cartilaginous fish

The white fish is quite low percentage of fat, protein and useful, just, very much. To lose weight quickly and get a good sleep, choose the late dinner lean fish — hake, cod or pike.


After the heat treatment the fiber contained vegetables absorbed better. Vegetables for dinner can be boiled or put out. They are well digested, and will act as a natural sorbent — will lead waste and toxins from the body. The main rule — cook without oil to a minimum of salt.


In 200 grams of strawberries or blueberries is only 70 calories and vitamins and antioxidants — a lot. Dietary fiber and pectin will also be great to stimulate the bowels. If you want to lose weight quickly go to the berry dinner — delicious and very useful!

Lose weight.


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