Lose Weight correctly!

Lose Weight correctly

Lose Weight correctly!

Violation of fat metabolism continues to grow and cover almost a third of the population of our country. Lose Weight correctly!

And this is — a disease of disease, as «pulls» it for an early atherosclerosis, greatly increases the risk of developing diabetes, liver disease and heart and, eventually, reduce the life of the Russians by an average of 10 years. Yes, and besides giving fatigue. Appetite and thirst for themselves routinely overshadow our lives, as well as the skeptical glances. And with the advent of spring, we want to quickly throw away in the closet warm sweaters and dress in alluring spring attire — flirty skirts, tight-fitting dress. And you start to try — just tears. Here too tight, it does not converge, the waist should be exactly, and that’s where it is — a question …

Overweight — problem of psychological, social and aesthetic.

Common situation? Yeah, we walk up for the long winter Zhirkov. It is urgent to change something. But the wardrobe? Let us nevertheless look at how you can most effectively get rid of extra pounds and feel that everything is fine with us — and thoughts, and or clothing
Yes, and how it sits!

Sometimes obesity is associated with hormonal problems, chronic diseases, hereditary predisposition.
But in most cases the reason for the doctors referred to the wrong eating behavior.
Simply put, ruining our waist banal habit and have a lot of calories. But being overweight — a problem not only aesthetic and psychological, but also social.
A person with obesity harder to find work harder to build interpersonal relationships and to compete, because today the ideal of a successful person — slim, sporty, smart and easy-going.

So it is necessary to lose weight. Question: how to do it correctly?

To sit on a rigid diet is not an option.
Firstly, the restriction in proteins, fats and carbohydrates may cause health problems.
Secondly, any diet works as long as you sit on it, then you can easily gain more weight than before. And most importantly -very want to eat. The feeling of hunger, no diet will not discourage!

What is important in the fight against obesity in the early stages?

Of course, the reduction in calories of food and increase the level of physical activity. Food Calorie bring to 2,000 calories, that is, decrease from its normal on average one third (500-1000 calories).
A movement activity is increased by at least 30%. Here the most effective means: swimming, biking, winter — skiing in the summer — boating, year round -beg and exercises with shells (dumbbells, barbells, and especially the rope), training on simulators.

How to tame the «voracious appetite»?

Lose Weight correctly!

By the way, the inability to resist the food — it is one of the main causes of obesity. A quick help tame runaway appetite soy, beans, lightly toasted seeds, nuts, which allows to drastically reduce the consumption of the main sources of carbohydrates — bread and cereals, good help satisfy hunger toasted bread and baked potatoes.

Try to drink tea with milk. And there slowly, slowly chewing food, better more often (4-5 times a day).
Excellent allies in the fight against obesity are vegetables, fruits and wild herbs. Especially useful for squash, pumpkin and watermelon, thanks to its high content in them fiber and the ability to reduce cholesterol absorption. Berries of gooseberry it has a refreshing, choleretic and diuretic effect.
Very useful carrot, lettuce and beets, cabbage and cranberries.

Listen also to the opinion of the American physiologist Norbert Walker. He recommends drinking carrot juice, spinach, beets, cucumbers.
Depresses appetite algae, most of which is available seaweed, the use of which is also useful for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.

If you eat 1 tbsp. spoon of dried cabbage, saturation feeling persists during few hours.
To deal with excessive appetite for wild plants can help. No less useful and wild medicinal plants, especially their leaves (salads and sauerkraut) and roots (fried, steamed).
Very good lightly roasted dandelion roots. Suitable roots of thistles and couch grass.

To quench the appetite we recommend the use of poor-calorie plant.
Young leaves are ground elder in salads, more mature — in fermented, dried — on the first and stewed. The leaves of birch, linden, heart-shaped, raspberry, mother and stepmother, plantain, goosefoot, woodlice, angelica — also in stew.

They also contribute to cleanse the body of toxins. Burdock roots, rhizomes of reeds, couch grass lightly roasted after drying and used in broth, first course, as a substitute for coffee on the third. Good appetite pacify roasted acorns and chestnuts. And apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon per day -. To dissolve in a glass of warm boiled water) and beetroot cake.

Get rid of the feeling of hunger is possible, if …

Along with the described means, to follow the recommendations below.

• Create a system to divert attention from hunger. You will cover himself with the affairs that have not had time to look in the refrigerator. It can be work, reading, crossword puzzles, etc.

• In the morning on an empty stomach drink 30 ml of hot water.

• Immediately before a meal should be slowly, in small sips, drink 1 glass of water.

• Hunger can be defeated by eating, for example, 2-3 radishes, a few slices of cucumber, a piece of sweet pepper.

• Find your edible «brake», which is to your taste, for example, to eat carrots, cabbage leaf, tomato, apple, etc.

• In any form not to use salt and sugar.

• After the meal, drink water (tea, juice) is only 2 hours.

• Assist the interim meals between the basic techniques, but with the condition that it will contain the minimum number of calories, such as 1 cup of unsweetened orange or other juice.

• During the week, every morning instead of breakfast to eat a handful of dried whole (raw) rice. Chew thoroughly and long at least 100 times, and after this 4 hour did not drink or eat.

• In the morning before breakfast within 30 minutes of running with walking.

• In the evening (before taking a bath) 20-minute walk briskly.

• At night (instead of water) to drink the infusion or decoction of the roots of a linden nettle (or parsley).

• Every week (Wednesday and Friday) to arrange 2 days of unloading on the vegetables or fruits.

• Once a week, complete abstinence from food (and who will be able to — and from the water), that is, to hold dry fasting.

• In the evening 2-liter enema (boiled warm water with the juice of one lemon).

Lose Weight correctly!

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