Chronic Headaches.

Headache. How many can remember, so I have a headache from time to time.
It hurts so much that I can not do anything. I get dizzy, vomiting, dark eyes, and sometimes lose consciousness.

It began in a deep childhood years from three to four. I even tried treat, but for some reason, from disease of the stomach, believing that a headache because of it.
I was lying in different hospitals, but all to no avail. Even at the Military Medical Academy lay in the children’s case.

Incidentally, it was there and decided that I had stomach problems. None treatment did not help. I can say with headaches lived almost all a life.
Still, the most important — is to understand the causes of their illnesses and to eliminate them, and then do not have to be treated.

It became quite clear that the basis of any illness is a psychological reason. Even trauma attracted a certain state of mind, not to mention the other diseases. Only our thoughts create our sores. But to find out what ideas led to the disease, it is very difficult.

Chronic Headaches.

It turns out that the head starts to hurt a person if he feels inferior when his dignity is constantly trampling. The eternal humiliation — is the main cause of headaches, including migraines.

My parents constantly told me that I was a bad, ugly, incompetent, stupid and etc. They thought that this is what can raise a good person, I these words want to be a good, clever, skillful, and so forth.


They brought up the same way. They have no other way they could. I do not blame them — it is their misfortune. But I need something to get out of this vicious circle I began to develop in his self-esteem. Beginning with simple. In the morning, looking in the mirror and say to myself, smiling: «I am a great personality. I love and approve of myself. » I speak eight times, but every day.

If I have someone during the day trying to humiliate, I try not to hear these words, and say to myself: «Give me, O Lord, health, and my patience.»

These are very strong words, they act as a barrier and does not allow you to hurt. Moreover, they are waving the negative energy, if it is directed at you. AND, As a rule, the person who hurt you permanently cease to do so.

Chronic Headaches.

Of course, now I try to do nice things for yourself more often. Sent to the countryside or to the theater, I read interesting books, meeting with interesting people. In short, I try to keep at a joyous and peaceful mood.

For four years I have not had a single attack of headaches. On I no longer apply differential pressures and magnetic storms. My performance has increased dramatically. I lost weight and are now look much younger than his years. My kids did not quite appreciate me.

I sincerely wish all those who suffer from headaches, try my simple recipe and become healthier from it.
With respect to all.


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