Israeli diet.

Israeli diet.

Israeli diet.

Israeli nutritionists argue that excessive absorption of food is an indisputable fact of a systematic violation of the body’s needs. The presence of extra centimeters in volumes is not the most terrible consequence of being overweight.

Excess weight also affects the work of all body systems, provokes a disorder of the peripheral circulation and lymph circulation. There is a particular risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In addition, the general immunity of the body decreases, and a predisposition to infectious and purulent diseases arises.

Nutritionists say that the acceptable rate of weight loss without harm to health is no more than three kilograms per month. At this rate, the figure gradually acquires the desired shape and practically no harm is done to health.

Also, slow weight loss guarantees long-term retention of the obtained result, while the likelihood of a sharp jump in weight gain is completely excluded.

The Israeli diet should consist of various products, but when drawing up the menu, their calorie content, digestibility and combination should be taken into account.

The basis of such a diet is a balanced diet. It is strictly forbidden to exclude any product of a certain type. Having changed the eating behavior to this regimen, a positive result has been observed for several days.

Israeli diet, sample menu for one day
In the morning, immediately after waking up, 5-15 ml of olive oil.

After 15 minutes: 250 ml of classic yoghurt.

Breakfast: buckwheat, vegetable salad, green tea without sugar. Every other day, you need to alternate curd mousse with a boiled egg.

Second breakfast: pineapple or berries 200 grams.

Lunch: arugula, light vegetable soup, boiled or baked fish or young calf meat, a slice of bran bread, baked apples.

Afternoon snack: grapefruit fruit smoothie.

Dinner: 75 grams of a mixture of dried fruits (figs, prunes, dates, apricots and walnuts). 250 ml of kefir with one percent fat content.

Israeli diet.

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