What diet to choose.

What diet to choose.

What diet to choose.

Dr. Bircher-Binner.
There are many popular diets known to promote rapid weight loss. But all of them, as a rule, disrupt metabolism in the body. That is why, after a short period of weight loss, it increases again. And most importantly, at the same time, a person feels unwell and even worsens in appearance.

We offer a slimming diet recommended by Dr. Bircher-Binner. The Bircher-Binner method combines treatment, restoration of lost health with sustained weight loss. We will only add that the success of such a diet has been confirmed by many years of clinical practice.

! The diet of Dr. Birchen-Binner is designed for a week.

It is preceded by a fruit juice unloading day. But it is not recommended for anyone to use this diet for the first time without medical supervision within the first 3 days.

And finally, an approximate daily menu for people with high weight and high arterial

Early morning. Hot water.

Breakfast. Red clover tea, fresh fruit stew, and a small cup of porridge.

Dinner. Lean meat (poultry, rabbit, lamb) with salad or cooked non-starchy vegetables and
one baked potato in the skin or a slice of pumpkin with butter.

Afternoon snack. Fresh or baked fruit.

Dinner. Large amounts of zucchini or string beans (shells of yellow or green young beans); or lean meat (as for lunch), or fruit or vegetable soup.

If you want to get your body in its best shape, you can act in two ways: develop
all the qualities and abilities that you want to have, and correct the deviations that are associated with the wrong lifestyle.

! We will only add that all attempts to change innate biological data with the help of radical diets or grueling workouts end up in the hospital.

The constitution of the body is also unaffected. Our skeleton gives us a «framework». Therefore, the possibilities to model a figure using shaping or nutrition are limited. But exercise will help reduce the waist!

Doing exercises

It is recommended to start classes with a short warm-up, which will prepare all abdominal muscle groups for stress. It is enough to devote 3-5 minutes to each exercise, you can take several approaches, alternating them.

1. Stand up straight and try to suck in and then out your stomach as much as possible. Target a professional belly dancer — do it as fast as you can.
This exercise will help the oxygen to enter the muscles and internal organs.

2. Learn to work with a hoop. If you last saw a hula-hoop as a kid, it won’t be easy at first.
keep it at your waist, but over time you will get used to it. And after a month of classes, the usual hoop should be replaced with a weighted one — filled with sand or some other filler.

3. Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart. Make circular movements with your body, first in one direction,
then to another.

4. Lean forward, keeping your back straight. The palms should touch the floor first, then the left, and then the right foot.

5. If you have a «health disc» — a metal trainer, it is useful to spin on it several times.

Normalizing the diet

Eat daily fiber-rich foods such as vegetables, grains, and legumes, and you can supplement them with dietary supplements. Fiber absorbs fats and removes toxins from the body.

! Do not deprive your body of calcium — it helps to burn fat mainly in the abdomen and waist.
For this purpose, it is recommended to consume spinach, blueberries, currants, yogurt and oatmeal.

Spinach and other leafy vegetables contain fatty acids and folic acid, which are involved in hematopoiesis and enhance the body’s regenerative functions, while folic acid promotes the absorption of sugar and amino acids.

Yogurt and kefir contain a large number of live bacteria that strengthen the immune system and improve the functioning of the digestive system.

Blueberries and currants, as well as blueberry and currant supplements are a delicious source of antioxidants.

Oatmeal or muesli is the best food for those looking to lose weight.

Build your diet based on these foods, load yourself with abdominal exercises, and go ahead — to conquer men’s hearts!
And perhaps the last thing: keep in mind that beauty is important, but you shouldn’t make a cult out of it!

What diet to choose.

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