How to lose weight fast at home.

Egg DIET FOR 4 WEEKS. The effectiveness of a large number of diets may be questioned. At least it is very difficult to talk about the great effectiveness of the approaches. They suggest weight loss in just a few days.

Much better when to observe the restriction in the diet is necessary for several weeks. In the latter case, the egg diet is particularly well manifested within 4 weeks. It is important to properly consider its rules. And follow a good diet.

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WHY HELP Egg Diet.

At first you might think that the egg diet involves eating only eggs. But in fact, it leaves other foods that are present in the diet. Just the eggs themselves for 4 weeks become the basis for the menu. They can not be abandoned. This means that if you dislike the eggs on such a diet, there is no need to sit down. Because they can quickly get bored. All other egg diets are recommended for use. Because they are effective.

Some questions arise from those who do not fully understand how eggs are useful for the figure. For some reason, it is believed that this product can lead to excess weight. But in fact, it turns out that great importance is attached to the lifestyle of a person. Also the way of cooking. In particular, it is not necessary to cook eggs for a long time. Because of hard-boiled products such saturation occurs only for a short period. The best option is to use boiled eggs boiled.

We would also like to talk about calorie intake. Egg diet for 4 weeks does not allow to supply the body with too many calories. At least the predominant proportion of nutrients is contained in the yolk. Together with protein calories provides about 100 calories. This is very convenient for calculating energy consumption. At the same time, egg breakfast allows you to get long enough. And do not cook snacks before lunch.

A diet based on such a product is good in that it does not allow nutrient deficiencies. Of course, the diet for 4 weeks, which included such products, was very different. And in the yolk, and in the protein there are various vitamins. As well as organic compounds. Therefore, in general, it turns out that in 4 weeks you can save your health to the full.


Many fear the presence of cholesterol in the yolk. Naturally, the egg diet for 4 weeks because of this sound is contraindicated for certain categories of people. But you can immediately reassure those who are concerned about this. Due to the fact that egg yolk also contains lecithin, the effect of cholesterol is not very pronounced. By the way, a small amount of cholesterol is necessary for the cardiovascular system, for normal work without organs excluded. Thus, it is not worth being afraid to resort to an egg diet even for the whole 4 weeks.

Choosing the right diet for yourself, you can make the fight against obesity more successful. But it is also important to pay attention to the rules that allow you to get the most successful result. It is to him more and need to turn to fully understand the essence of this technology.

What is the basis of egg DIET

In order for 4 weeks to get rid of the maximum amount of excess fat, you must constantly monitor compliance with such rules.

1. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of fat in general. Moreover, this requirement applies even to vegetable fats. It takes only two eggs a day for 4 weeks to provide the body with fats. Food in this case will be fully balanced. Will be able to meet the needs of the body. Fat — the most high-calorie element of all nutrients. Therefore, many of them will inevitably lead to the formation of completeness.

2. Since the egg diet is essentially a protein, it is necessary to reduce the number of foods that contain mostly carbohydrates. These include any sweets, cereals, some vegetables (for example, potatoes), sugar, and the like. The need to reduce their volume arises, at least for the reason that carbohydrates and proteins in the food mixture are not recommended. As a result, the alkaline environment of the stomach is neutralized. Accordingly, the digestive process is significantly deteriorating. Poorly digested food is much faster than stored as fat. Another consequence may be constipation.

3. You must fully follow a diet that involves an egg diet for 4 weeks. If you do not follow this rule, you can get a not very comforting result. Products that are used with egg diets are digested at different rates. Accordingly, they must be taken in a specific order. From the result of this restriction is directly dependent on food.
All 3 presented rules allow you to lose weight in 4 weeks. To achieve excellent results. But, as with any diet, the egg has positive and negative sides. They must also consider to fully understand this system itself. Follow her and have a big effect.


You can first say that the egg diet itself is quite tasty. In addition to eggs, this involves the use of other products. The result is to make the diet truly varied. This means that you can not violate the diet for all 4 weeks. Also a significant advantage can be called a high nutritional value of the proposed menu. Eggs in combination with other products will avoid nutrient deficiencies. Save health in full.

The most serious drawback that occurs when using eggs in the diet, comes down to its severity. The diet should be fixed. There should be no pretexts for his retreat. If this “frustrates”, you will have to start the whole program again. Also, those who decided to try to imagine an egg diet for 4 weeks, are forced to stop drinking coffee.

Sometimes, following a diet of eggs, you may feel discomfort. It is caused by a lack of carbohydrates. But this state does not last long. Pretty quickly returns the same feeling of full strength. However, in the initial period of the diet it is desirable to reduce the amount of physical activity. Instead of playing sports it is better to make regular trips. And another disadvantage is the relatively high probability of bad breath. Therefore, it will have to somehow beat before the end of the planned 4 weeks. The rest of the egg diet has no flaws.

MENU egg diet for 4 WEEKS

Because, as noted, the egg diet is characterized by a high degree of severity. You have to constantly follow the diet. Presented below is not the only option. But if you decide to use it, it will not be able to deviate from the menu described. Better to go on a diet on Monday. Since this will allow you to better motivate yourself. Yes, and he can count days better.

Week One

The duration of the egg diet, which is 4 weeks, is quite large. Therefore, it is better to go slowly. In the first week breakfast is always the same. So, on the morning necessarily boiled eggs are used in the amount of two pieces. They added a citrus fruit. The most suitable of them becomes a grapefruit. If a large grapefruit, it should only eat half. Total food intakes should be in each of three weeks. The rest (after breakfast already defined) may be as follows.


Dinner. Only fruits, but in any amount. Eat fruit must be allowed to be listed on.
Dinner. Lean meat. It can be like a boil or fry. Another successful method — bake. Unsubscribe from the need to use only lamb.

Dinner. Cooked chicken meat. Permission is granted to only eat the meat itself, but do not peel.
Dinner. Cooked poached egg with lettuce. They add citrus fruit and toast diet.

Dinner. A piece of cheese, unsalted and low-fat. The amount is not particularly limited within reasonable limits. To add tomatoes and cheese loaf of bran.
Dinner. Boiled lean meat, beef is better. Do not forget about the previously called exclusion.

There egg diet for 4 weeks is substantially the same diet as in the first day. Only there is one addition in the form of leaf lettuce for dinner. Vegetables, particularly potatoes, in this case undesirable. But you can add to a salad of fresh cucumbers in a small amount.

Dinner. Eggs scrambled with any cooked vegetables. You can choose any of the following: carrots, zucchini, eggplant, beans, peas.
Dinner. Steamed or fried fish. After some time, in addition to eat oranges and greens — lettuce.

Repeat menu, under the first and fourth days. For dinner, you can consume more food and vegetables. As before, the evening can be any meat except lamb, which in egg diet banned.

Dinner. Again boiled chicken meat from which the skin is required to be removed. From vegetables should eat tomatoes or cucumbers. Add to that half of the citrus fruit. For example, fit the remaining half a grapefruit with breakfast.
Dinner. Only boiled vegetables. If there is a feeling of hunger, you can with them to use even one egg.

In the egg diet menu for 4 weeks several times it was stated that you need to eat fruit. But the fruit does not fit called. To clarify, you need to accurately identify them. It can be not only citrus. But also other products. For example, it is good to satisfy hunger pear, pomelo, plum. Pineapple is also a great option. It is not only rich enough in vitamins. But it also helps speed up the metabolism. Therefore, lose weight faster.

Week Two

There are no differences from the first week here. As before, eaten boiled eggs a day. Lunch consists mainly of boiled chicken, vegetables and cheese. In the evening should eat meat, salad or vegetables. Special diet all lead again, which repeats itself, it makes no sense.

Week Three

The essential difference between the third week is as follows. It does not imply the division of the diet into separate meals. The following products simply eat the whole day. Break them into pieces. Moreover, the sizes of portions are selected so that the feeling of hunger does not occur. But, as before, you should eat boiled eggs in the morning. In the remaining time of day such products must be consumed.


Monday. Only fruit. Select them follows from the listing that was provided previously. Restrictions on the amount eaten no fruit.

Tuesday. Exceptionally vegetables. You can still make salads, using tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and so on. From potatoes required to give.

Wednesday. The choice — there are some vegetables and some fruits. Fruit salads are also permitted, if they have no bananas.

Thursday. In addition to vegetables also used baked or boiled fish. Salads can be eaten in any amount.

Friday. Added boiled meat instead of fish. Vegetables or fruits are used in the same way as before.

Saturday. Throughout the day, eat fruit. We need to take only one type of fruit, which becomes food for the whole day.

Sunday.The same approach as the previous day. But fruit must be replaced. Their number can be any.

If until this moment the egg diet for 4 weeks is fully observed, the weight loss should already be quite noticeable. On average, about 8-10 kg is lost, but only under the condition that there used to be a lot of excess weight.

With a slight excess of body weight, weight loss is about 3-5 kg. Of course, this is quite a lot. Only week 4 is aimed at simultaneously improving the result and ensuring its consolidation.

Week Four

As before, this egg diet suggests. What certain products are used throughout the day. The only key difference. They can not choose their own. In addition, eggs are almost never used. That is, morning should not begin with them. The days when you can eat this product are named separately.

Also keep in mind that some products are limited in quantity. Because their calorie content is much higher. Than those that have been used for a week so far. If the menu indicates meat or cheese. They can be used in an amount of not more than 250 g per volume of vegetables. There is also a limit — a maximum of 3 pieces of each type. The diet should look like this.


Monday. White chicken meat or beef with tomatoes. Canned fish (ordinary can) with cucumbers. Citrus fruit.

Tuesday. Sour apples or pears. Lean meat (except mutton). Tomatoes and cucumbers. 2-3 loaves of bran.

Wednesday. Low-fat cottage cheese and unsalted. Zucchini, boiled or cooked in the microwave. Tomatoes and citrus.

Thursday. Chicken without skin, with breast. Permitted fruits (if they sink, you can eat 4-5 pieces). Tomatoes. Bread.

Friday. Eggs cooked without salt and boiled. Two medium orange. Vegetable salad. Separately — tomatoes without seasoning.

Saturday. Low-fat, unsalted cheese. Cooked chicken meat. When using those and other portions should be 2 times less than usual. Yogurt or

kefir. Tomatoes and cucumbers. Half a medium pineapple.

Sunday. Canned fish. Cheese low-fat, unsalted necessarily. Boiled vegetables. And separately — tomatoes. A small grapefruit.

Interesting. That 4 weeks become the most diverse. The reason is. That this step should allow most naturally return to the normal menu. Then the results will be able to keep the egg diet for 4 weeks to the full. Weight loss will continue after this period. Maximum results will be visible in about 3-4 days after dietary restrictions.





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