Ultrafast diet for 5 days.

Ultrafast diet for 5 days.

Ultrafast diet for 5 days.

Proper nutrition diet.

How to remove belly fat at home.

Ultrafast diet for 5 days. There are strictly regulated diet. If you have a tendency to fall apart after a diet including a period, it is better to give up on the ultra-fast diet, since the ratio will lead to even greater deposition of fat in the most unwanted places.

Ultrafast diet for 5 days.

1 day — 150 grams of cottage cheese and a whole apple,
Day 2 — 100 g package of yogurt and one grapefruit,
Day 3 — 50 g of cheese and half a sweet pepper,
4 day — boiled egg with a biscuit,
Day 5 — 100 grams of oatmeal, steamed «without anything».

1 day — soup with vegetables without meat (can be whipped blender) with boiled egg,
Day 2 — 150 grams of boiled fish with a side dish of vegetables,
Day 3 — 150 grams of oatmeal with dried apricots,
Day 4 — 150 grams of boiled fish with a side dish of vegetables,
Day 5 — 150g of chicken white meat without any side dish.

Day 1 — 2 potatoes in their jackets with a drop of olive oil and steamed vegetables,
Day 2 — 150 g of cooked seafood with no garnish,
3 day — 2 boiled eggs with a cucumber,
Day 4 — 150 grams of cooked lean chicken without garnish.
Day 5 — 150 g of cooked beans without sauce,
Perekus- fruits, vegetables, no more than 1 time per day.

What foods will help you lose weight?

Among the huge amount of food that we use in our diet, there are those that will help burn extra pounds and improve metabolic disorders.

What are these «magic» products?

• Fermented milk products increase the amount of the hormone calcitriol in the body, which forces cells to burn fat. Especially good in this sense is whey, which promotes the expenditure of subcutaneous fat.

• Oatmeal is an excellent source of soluble fiber, giving you a quick feeling of fullness and the energy you need for exercise, without which weight loss is known to be difficult.

• Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels by promoting fat storage.

• Cucumbers have a diuretic and diuretic effect and are low in calories, making them an ideal dietary product.

• Ginger improves blood circulation in the stomach, accelerating the body’s metabolism. In addition, ginger promotes the rapid burning of fat cells and improves skin condition.

• Horseradish contains enzymes that help burn fat in the human body.

• Coconut milk contains substances that accelerate the body’s metabolism.

• Grapefruit, due to the high content of the flavonoid naringin, has a powerful choleretic effect and promotes the breakdown of fats that enter the body with food.

• Dry red wine contains resveratrol, which stimulates the production of a protein that blocks receptors in fat cells. In addition, resveratrol slows down the formation of new fatty deposits.

• Green tea speeds up metabolism and removes from the body not only subcutaneous fat, but also the most dangerous internal fat.


Ultrafast diet for 5 days.


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