Venous thrombosis

Venous thrombosis.

Tomatoes from varicose veins.

Venous thrombosis.

If you suffer from varicose veins and have tried many different ointments and medicines. But as a result, nothing helps. Venous thrombosis

It looks like an effective recipe is found.
You need to collect green tomatoes, cut them into circles.
Apply to varicose veins. Remove the mugs as soon as you feel a burning sensation. In the conclusion, immediately wash that place with clean, cool water.

Repeat the procedure at least five times in a row, twice a day — in the morning and in the evening.

After about three weeks, the nodes will first become soft. Acquired pale and therefore will begin to resolve.
As a result, over time, only faintly bluish traces will remain of them, as at the earliest stage of varicose veins.
But most importantly, the disease no longer comes back.

Muscat tincture.

Venous thrombosis.

I want to talk about a remedy with which you can get rid of varicose veins. The treatment is quite long, but not complicated.
You will only need nutmeg and vodka. Of these, you need to prepare tincture.

For the preparation of Muscat tincture you need:

200 g of nutmeg, grate on a fine grater and pour a liter of vodka. Insist 2 weeks in a dark place. Then strain and squeeze the cake.

Ready tincture to take 25 drops 3 times a day. One portion is enough for about six months. During this time, it is possible to get rid of varicose veins.

Diet with varicose veins.

Venous thrombosis.

There is no special therapeutic diet for varicose veins. However, this does not mean that dietary restrictions should not be adhered to.

Every person for whom the problem of varicose is relevant, should clearly understand the following. That there are products useful for veins, and there are those, which only harm.

Useful are:

• Sources of vitamin E, giving the veins elasticity:
sprouted grains of rye and wheat, soybeans, peas, beans, lentils, lettuce, green onions, liver, egg yolk, corn, olive and soybean oil;

• Foods rich in vitamin C, which makes the veins strong:

rose hips, sweet pepper, sea buckthorn, black currant, cabbage, tomatoes, strawberries, gooseberries, parsley, dill, citrus fruits, potatoes;

• Products containing vitamin P (rutin), strengthening the venous walls and valves:

rose hips, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, mountain ash, black currant, walnuts and tea;

• Sour cherry varieties and dark varieties of sweet cherries, rich in special substances — bioflavonoids, which give berries a juicy maroon, ruby ​​or red color.
20 berries a day — an effective means of preventing varicose veins. Bioflavonoids dissolve thrombi more actively than aspirin, and facilitate the movement of blood through the veins;

Venous thrombosis.

• Seafood:

oysters, mussels, shrimps, crabs, lobsters, octopuses, squid, as well as mutton kidneys and beef liver.

They contain a lot of copper, necessary for the work of enzymes that synthesize elastin. This protein of connective tissue does not give
Venous walls creep under the pressure of blood, forming varicose nodules;

• Vegetables, fruit, bran, in simple terms, vegetable fiber, which causes the intestines to work as a clock and prevents constipation;

And of course you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day. The fact is that with a small flow of fluid into the body, the blood becomes viscous, which makes it difficult to move through the veins and increases the load on them.

And now about the products that harm our veins.

Venous thrombosis.

To reduce to a minimum it is necessary fat, flour and sweet. This tip is especially relevant if you easily gain excess weight or already have extra pounds.

Limit the need for rich meat broths, jellies, marinades, smoked products, canned food. All these products indirectly contribute to
destruction of venous walls and valves.

You can drink coffee no more than 1-2 cups a day. From alcoholic beverages it is better to refuse altogether, as they cause a fluid retention in the body and increase the burden on the veins.


Venous thrombosis.

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