Buckwheat diet with yogurt.

Buckwheat diet with yogurt.

Buckwheat diet with yogurt. How to make buckwheat?

Diet for weight loss in the home menu.

One of the few diets that have a good effect for losing weight. Also has a pronounced therapeutic effect. This is the diet of buckwheat porridge and yogurt. This diet is also effective. Refers to a group of balanced diets and cleansing.

Buckwheat diet with yogurt.

What do we eat?

The essence of the diet is as follows.
We must take the necessary amount of buckwheat the next day. Rinse the rump several times with cold water. Remove dirty.
Pour boiling water overnight in buckwheat. Proportions 1 cup buckwheat for two glasses of water. Close tightly than ever. Wrap it. You can use convenient thermoses.

Next morning, buckwheat will be tender, crumbly. It is already ready for use.
Along with buckwheat, per day one percent used 1 liter of yogurt.

How to take buckwheat with yogurt.

With yogurt go on your own. He can interfere with buckwheat.
And you can and drink. You can use buckwheat separately. Kefir separately in different food. The latter option has a strong cleansing effect.

What supplements are permissible?

It is not forbidden by any dry buckwheat flavoring to your taste. Turmeric, ginger, basil, oregano, dill, parsley, pepper.

In addition to salt — you can use all herbs and spices. Combine them according to your tastes and preferences.

That will be doubly useful if you add freshly cut greens to your buckwheat porridge, radish, colorful sweet peppers, a little onions. If you usually carry them and it does not stimulate your appetite.

With this diet your body will rest. Pamper yourself with a small and useful variety.
Talking about the benefits of a new additive — just does not make sense. This is an additional amount of vitamins and minerals. It will be very useful during the diet.

How much we eat?

Number buckwheat — not limited. Absolutely. The number is limited to one liter of yogurt. Fat yogurt, preferably from 1 to 3 percent.
Remember that the most important thing in your case — it does not interrupt the diet and to hold a scheduled amount of time, so — eat as you wish.
At the first urge of hunger — just take a spoonful of porridge and chew slowly. The more occlusal motions, the better.
It is advisable to stop eating buckwheat four hours before bedtime.

How long will we sit on a diet?

Buckwheat-kefir diet is recommended for a period of 1-2 weeks, after a month, the diet can be repeated.

What are the advantages?

Buckwheat diet with yogurt nourishes the body of many essential micronutrients that help prevent fatigue, poor sleep and all kinds of stress.
The therapeutic effect of buckwheat with yogurt positive impact in diseases of the skin, liver, rheumatism and problematic gall bladder.
Buckwheat works like a brush, cleaning the intestinal wall of toxic waste digestion and taking them out of your body.

How reset?

Buckwheat-kefir diet allows you to say goodbye to a few kilos. Depending on the constitution and quantity of excess weight, weight loss may vary from 5 to 12 kg for a period of a week to ten days.

Why this diet works?

The main components of the diet — buckwheat and kefir.
Buckwheat, especially when not cooked and steamed out of the night, it is a living product of a rich wonderful manpower. Buckwheat contains a lot of protein, carbohydrates and much less, that fact distinguishes it from other cereals and makes the diet is very effective.

Kefir, because it is not milk and dairy products, is very good for your body as a whole and for the digestive system in particular.
Kefir is struggling with the process of rotting food in the intestine, removes toxins, improves digestion, helps the liver, improves the complexion and eases allergic reactions.

Can I cook buckwheat?

Cook the buckwheat — undesirable. She just lost a lot of nutrients.
If you would like after the diet to eat this buckwheat porridge with butter, onions, stewed vegetables and stewed meat, you can do it, but only after it will please you and your household desired amount of melted kilograms overweight, fresh and fit look, healthy color faces and good humor.

How to get out of the diet?

It would be nice to plan and out of the diet, in which thought through your diet for a week or two ahead.
During this period — include in your diet plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Steamed vegetables, vegetable soups, fish — will be very helpful.

Good to refrain from large amounts of red meat, preservatives, pastries and dishes prepared with great addition of animal fat.
Be creative with salads and light vegetable dishes, for garnish, use rice — better rude, crude.

Listen to your body, usually after a period of cleansing and diet, it signals you about foods that you really need.
If it is difficult to refrain from sweet — let it be dark chocolate with 80% cocoa content, a little honey and dried fruits.


Buckwheat diet with yogurt.

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