Who does not want to lose weight quickly and without suffering? For long successive diets need endurance and willpower. And if we are talking about a large excess weight, then expect a quick result is hardly worth it. But if you need to get rid of two or three kilos, you can use short-term diet.

We have compiled for you several options of diets lasting only 3 days. However, if you need to seriously lose weight, these diets also work — with the help of a three-day discharge you move the weight up and further it will be easier to move to the coveted figure on the scales.

Bulgarian diet.

The famous Bulgarian healer, herbalist developed unloading diet based on raw carrots and fruit. Rub fresh grated raw carrots, add honey, lemon juice and grated any fruit.
This salad for three days there (for breakfast, lunch and dinner).
The fourth day — the diet of potatoes and bread add.
Fifth day — normal diet.

Cottage cheese diet.

The three-day curd diet refers to the protein and gives a great fat burning effect that is enhanced in this case by the fact that food is only allowed to take up to 15-00.

Menu all three days the same diet:
Breakfast (9:00): soft-boiled egg.
Lunch (12:00): 200 g cottage cheese (low-fat), tea (without sugar).
Dinner (15:00): 200 g cottage cheese (low-fat), tea (without sugar).
After 15:00 allowed to drink only mineral water.


Quiet diet.

This three-day diet is the quietest of all the above. Sit on it lightly, but do not get carried away — three days is enough!

First day
Breakfast: coffee (tea), toast, 1/2 grapefruit, 1 tbsp. Spoon peanut oil.
Lunch: piece of tuna fillet or chicken breast, slice of bread, coffee or tea.
Dinner: 80 grams of lean meat or any bird, a portion of green beans, carrots, apple.

Second day
Breakfast: coffee (tea), toast, 1/2 banana, a boiled egg.
Dinner: cottage cheese (100 g), a piece of bread.
Dinner: 2 beef steaks, a portion of broccoli (cauliflower), carrots,

The third day
Breakfast: coffee (tea), toast, apple, 25 g of cheese.
Lunch: coffee or tea, a boiled egg, a slice of bread.
Dinner: tuna fillet portion of a color to a n y s t s m a p s to about in 2-3 slices of melon.

Honey-egg diet.

Very effective diet, but is suitable only for those who suffer raw egg yolks. However, whipped with honey, they are very pleasant to the taste and very nutritious. For breakfast, lunch and dinner eat egg-honey eggnog (2 egg yolks and 1 h. Spoon of honey in a blender to whip). The rest — in addition.

First day
Breakfast: eggnog + tea (coffee) with a slice of lemon.
Lunch: eggnog + tea or coffee with a slice of lemon.
Dinner: eggnog + cup of chicken broth, pear and orange.
Before going to bed you can drink a cup of tea with lemon.

Second day
Breakfast: eggnog + small piece of bread, tea or coffee with a slice of lemon.
Lunch: eggnog + 150 g of cooked meat, fish or chicken with a salad of fresh spinach, tea or coffee with a slice of lemon.
Dinner: eggnog + 90 g low-fat cheese, a small piece of bread, tea or coffee
with a slice of lemon.

The third day
Repeat the menu of the first day.


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