SECRET harmony.

SECRET harmony.

SECRET harmony. Self-massage.

Among the procedures aimed at reducing weight, one of the most pleasant and at the same time very effective is massage.

Massage stimulates blood circulation. Improves metabolism between connective tissue and blood. Very often, massage gives rise to a weight loss process. This can be explained by the fact that nutrients in lazy blood vessels do not get into the right cells. Diet is simply useless.

In addition, massage helps the body to effectively eliminate toxins. Stimulates digestion. Increases metabolism in general. Essential for burning fat.

Complex self-massage.

Self-massage for weight loss is not a relaxing procedure. This is done standing up. Abdominal muscles should be stretched. Since only the fatty tissue is massaged, not the internal organs. The range of self-massage techniques includes the following.

• Stroking. Stroking the abdomen in a circular motion clockwise with both hands. Then one brush to another. The same circular movements massage the waist of the sides and hips. Massage the abdomen for at least 2 minutes. One minute in the lower back and hips on each side, just 6 minutes.

• Kneading. Lightly pull the fatty fold on the abdomen with the fingers of both hands under the right ribs. Pinch it from right to left and back. Squeeze your fingers tightly enough by pressing their smaller “steps”. Follow the movement from the top down. Pat your belly again for a minute.

• Rubbing vertically. Make a fist brush. Put them next to each other on the belly. To the belly with his knuckles. Rub the abdomen with strong knuckles up and down. How to wash the washboard. Gradually moving his hands from right to left and back again. Pass the stomach at least 5 times back and forth. Then follow the stroking belly.

SECRET harmony.

• Rubbing horizontally. Put your hands under your breasts and rub the fat on the knuckles of the ribs under your breasts. Moving horizontally. Follow these movements for 1-2 minutes. Then move your arms back. Also rub the fat deposits on the back.

• Rubbing the pelvis and hips. Follow the rubbing of the buttocks and hips in a circular motion. Then move up only. Massage the thigh. Only 1-2 minutes for each site.

• Bringing — squeeze hands into fists and put a number in the lower right area of the abdomen. The knuckles of both hands at the same time bring down the fat folds on the stomach.
At one point or hit 5 times, moving the brush vertically down. Make 4-5 passes up and down.

• Effleurage — perform effleurage all areas of the body promassirovat wrists slightly clenched into a fist.

Help yourself.

Unfortunately, not all women have the opportunity to take advantage of the professional massage service, but it does not matter!
An excellent means of achieving harmony can be performed correctly and independent massage. The main rule — do it regularly.

Massage and self-massage for weight loss has always carried out long courses — not less than 10 sessions, with breaks between sessions of no more than 2 days.

For maximum efficiency, you need to perform self-massage with anti-cellulite massage cream or oil.
And to enhance the action of the cream to massage, you can use the body scrub. As an excellent natural scrub coffee grounds or sea salt mixed with olive oil. Rinse off the scrub, and applying the cream, you can begin to self-massage.

Do not forget to stretch! SECRET harmony.

After the massage, it is recommended to perform a few simple stretching exercises:

• Standing, resting his hands on the lower back, bend the back. As long as possible Hold this position, then bend the front. 5 times in each direction.

• While standing with your arms above your head to the castle. Lean to the side, to stay as long as possible. Then the other side. 5 times in each direction.

• While standing, hands clasped behind his back to the castle. Lean forward until you feel thigh rear surface tension. Hold this position. A total of 5 times.



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