How to lose weight without starving.

How to lose weight without starving.

How to lose weight without starving.

How to lose weight fast at home without. Lose weight fast and effectively at home.

As a rule, many weight-loss process is associated with a restriction in the use of food, pet foods. How to lose weight without starving. In some cases, it is unbearable because of the irresistible and even painful feelings of hunger.

Strong stress, which is then exposed to the body, affects physical and emotional health. Therefore, you should pay attention to weight loss without fasting methods.

Why can not starve to lose weight?

Conscious refusal to eat during weight loss. This is one of the main mistakes for those who want to lose weight qualitatively. For the rest of the famine as an integral part of getting rid of fat — this is a rather painful phenomenon. In any case, starvation causes serious harm. What can be expressed by several basic steps.

• a sharp reduction in the amount of nutrients entering the body. As a consequence, their lack of. This entails a violation of all possible processes. This includes slowing down metabolism. Consequently, there is a deterioration in the activity of the digestive system and cleansing the body of toxins.

By this soon adds increased susceptibility to disease, fatigue, fatigue, reduced attention, and performance, and that affects your ability to train physically.

• Exhaustion of muscle tissue. Despite the rather rapid initial effect with a sharp reduction in portions and a refusal of nutrition, the decrease in volume is due to the thinning of the muscles and the removal of fluid from the body. That is, there is also a risk of dehydration.

How to lose weight without starving.

• Decrease stress. With prolonged refusal of food or a sharp reduction in its use in humans is enhanced stress and depression develops, which in turn can lead to pathological states on the grounds of discontent own appearance, as well as eating disorders.

In some cases, this leads directly to that person breaks down and in emergency mode begins to absorb the fact that the diet was forbidden.

• Active weight returns. Due to the drastic weight loss during fasting, after a return to normal supply, all the lost returns in the short term. But muscles do not acquire its former shape — in large volumes are returned exactly fat, worsening the position of wanting to lose weight.

Such a scenario can be avoided by weight loss system in which power is balanced. With this approach, you can lose without too much painful feeling of hunger, but, more importantly, to get lasting results.

The diet for the well-fed diet.

Oddly enough, but the feeling of hunger is, rather, not a lack of food, but its the wrong choice. There are some foods that trigger appetite, preventing you to focus on the achievement of the main goal. They should be deleted from your diet once and for all, or substantially reduce their consumption:

• products containing large amounts of food additives, in particular sodium glutamate — amplifier taste and smell;

• fast food, most canned foods and fast food;

• All sausages and cheese;

• sweets, especially rich products, chocolate bars, chocolate milk with fillings, candy, soft drinks;

• alcohol and nicotine;

• mayonnaise.

At first, after the rejection of these products, you can still experience outbreaks of uncontrollable hunger. Typically, uncomfortable sensations pass through one or two weeks.

The most favorable for the well-fed diet are the following categories of products.

1) The protein is lean meat and fish.

2) Beef, lamb, rabbit, chicken and turkey, sea bass, cod, pollock — excellent sources of building material for muscles. One hundred and two hundred grams of these products in the diet should be at least five days a week.

For vegetarians analog become different species of fungi and legumes. Particularly soya beans and lentils.

3) Beans.
Bean should provide a separate element, as a total average calorific value. You need very little for one serving. To satisfy hunger for a long time.

4) Fiber.
It is very important for satiety and normalization of the digestive system with fibrous products.
First, they help to satisfy hunger for a long time.
Secondly, to remain a healthy microflora in the stomach and intestines.
Thirdly, they help to quickly cleanse the body of food products. That is, they help maintain metabolic rate with active weight loss.

5) Dairy Products.
Yoghurt, milk, cheese, unsalted cheese are excellent sources of calcium and healthy fats. They strengthen bones and muscles.

6) Water.
Optimal use of it helps fight hunger attacks and maintain the rate of metabolism. Drinking cold water helps weight loss, by burning more calories the body.

It is very important for those who do not want to starve during weight loss, comply with diet. Headquarters should make to snacks that are often underestimated by losing weight.

How to lose weight without starving.

In the first half of the day they could include carbohydrates, and have enough high-calorie. For example, you can use lean biscuits, boiled eggs, sandwiches with whole wheat bread and boiled meat, dates, dried apricots and prunes, nuts, a few pieces of chocolate.

In the afternoon, snacks should be easier to consist mainly of fiber and protein. To do this, fit lettuce, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, celery, boiled chicken breast or fish, steamed milk or low-fat yogurt.

Snacks help to keep in check the basic hunger, which helps to reduce the total amount of servings. Also, the presence or in possession of a banana sandwich with greens and a piece of chicken can help you avoid buying unhealthy foods or fast food on the way.

To prolong the feeling of satiety, special attention should be given to breakfast.

It should be pretty thick. But not heavy. For morning meals, it is preferable to choose protein foods, complex carbohydrates and fiber. Various cereals, fruit salad, boiled eggs, whole wheat bread.

Lunch is best. For example, vegetable soup with low fat soup. And a fresh salad with boiled meat.
The amount of dinner should be minimal. A variety of salads, fresh vegetables and fruits are suitable for this.
Half an hour before bedtime, you can drink a glass of kefir. Or milk with 1 teaspoon of honey.

In order not to cause increased hunger, it is better to avoid frequent consumption of grapes, kiwi, mango. Reduce the amount of potatoes in the diet, avocado. Focus on vegetables containing more potassium — zucchini, squash, cucumbers. They will help to remove excess salt from the body.

Exercise Hunger.

For a high-quality diet requires exercise. They have a beneficial effect on the whole body. With a balanced diet, muscle tissue gets all the necessary components. Therefore, it strengthens and helps to fight fat deposits, using them as food.

Having a positive impact on the psycho-emotional state of a person, exercise helps to fight hunger at the level of reflexes. For example, replacing the desire to eat during excitement. Also desire to run or squat

Over time, the positive emotions received during the training are caused by the production of endorphins. They replace the pleasure of food, which includes a lot of flavor and aroma enhancers.




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