Appendages to help.

Appendages to help.

Appendages to help. 

Inflammation of the appendages.  

Appendages to help. One of my relatives landed in the hospital with severe pain in the abdomen and sacrum. I suffered it there for about a month. Doctors worked hard on establishing the diagnosis and first treatment were blind. Than just not treated her. Upset and that doctors predicted she had an ectopic pregnancy, and — normal! Predicts her infertility!

Tired of the incessant pain girl tired uncertainty, and she wrote me a letter asking for help in her illness.

And she had a adnexitis — inflammation of the appendages. Causes of adnexitis are many: it is pathogenic microbes — E. coli and tuberculosis, staphylococcus, streptococcus, sometimes the fault of the disease is the introduction into the uterus of various chemical substances (alcohol, iodine) for the purpose of termination of pregnancy.

Appendages to help.

Infection can enter the uterine appendages from the vagina and uterus during abortion. Especially on an outpatient basis. And through the blood vessels of other organs and tissues. Such as tuberculosis, flu, with colds, fatigue, stress, with poor personal hygiene. It is impossible, of course, to sit on cold stones, to swim during menstruation and in the cold season

I advised her to treat do 10 sessions of honey. These «sweet Procedures» (honey and propolis — in equal amounts), and facilitate the participation of my relatives.

For treatment at home, you need to take honey and propolis. For example, 100 g each in a jar in a warm water bath with constant stirring. Solubility is complex, but most importantly, it does not overheat. Otherwise, the value of the mixture is lost. Then a cotton swab is prepared and soaked in this solution. The swab should be the thread in the center. The swab needs a little cooling. Only after that inserts it into the vagina, as deep as possible. Apply a swab at night.

The first 2 nights the sufferer could not sleep. Because there was a process similar to an internal abscess. But a year later she gave birth to a daughter.

With a deficiency of propolis, the swab can be soaked in very warm sea buckthorn oil. Do the rest as in honey treatment. In no case do not catch a cold, protect your health. Keep your feet warm. At the first signs of the disease, treatment should be started immediately.


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