Chronic leg pain.

Chronic leg pain.

The secret of light legs. Chronic leg pain.

Many women, especially in the summer months, complain about the heaviness in the legs and their swelling. Chronic leg pain.
The reason is poor blood circulation, often aggravated by too long pastime sitting or standing. And walking on heels does not promote health.

Gives tone to tired muscles of legs a contrasting bath, repeatedly used by me and perfectly helping in such cases.
Prepare two basins, one of which pour cold water, the other — hot (about 40 °). Sit on a chair and lower your feet for a few seconds first into hot water, then into a cold one for the same time.

Alternately, lower your legs into hot and cold water 15-20 times. When you finish this procedure, put your feet in cold water, then rub them with terry towel and grease with a nutritious cream.

And after a contrasting bath, tired legs will be restored by vigorous massage. Apply to the feet a nourishing cream or emollient oil and begin by kpygovymi movements to massage the feet from the bottom up — from the fingers to the ankle.

If your legs are not only tired, but also frozen, before the massage, apply an ointment containing menthol, camphor or eucalyptus extract to your feet.

Massage the feet first with your thumbs. Then, sitting on a chair or on a carpet on the floor, bend one leg in the knee. Put it on the knee of the other legs. Fingers of the right hand bend into a fist and with his knuckles you will rest on the foot of your bent leg.

Massage it in a circular motion, lightly pressing. A few times, bend and unbend the fingers of both feet. Then, with circular movements of the palms massage the legs from the ankle to the knee.

But remember: if you have dilated veins on your legs, then you should not massage your legs.


Chronic leg pain.

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