Wound healing.

Wound healing.

Wound healing. 

The wound will heal quickly.

Wound does not heal, what to do.

Wound healing. It happens so that even the small wound heals slowly and painfully, no bandages and patches do not help. However, this can be easily avoided by using my uncomplicated tips.

Firstly, if you hurt yourself, immediately dissolve 1 h. Spoon of honey in a quarter cup of warm, better than boiled water.
Wash the cut with this solution and then apply a sterile bandage smeared honey on the wound. Keep the bandage from 3 to 5 days, changing it daily.

Second, removing the bandage, wound podzazhivshuyu lubricate the juice of fresh leaves of plantain Celandine or several times a day, until healing is complete.

If the wound is deep and not delayed more than a week, try for a few days, sprinkle it with the powder of dried bear’s ears, which promotes tissue repair.

If you have any inflammation around the wound — redness, swelling, and the like — you can make a fresh clean sheet of burdock, potatoes, garlic or pulp from freshly grated onion and bandage the wound a few hours, and then change the bandage.

Kalanchoe, treatment of skin diseases.

At home I have a lot of growing indoor plants, among them Kalanchoe, is not only a beautiful flower, but a real home doctor.

It treats skin lesions well. Wounds, thrombophlebitis, bedsores, any long-term healing wounds. I cut leaves and stems, chop, squeeze the juice. A bandage or gauze in 4-5 layers, moisturize abundantly with juice. Applying to the wound.

You can re-wet the filling juice. Apply several times a day. Kalanchoe and I treat periodontal disease. We make lotions from Kalanchoe juice. This not only eliminates inflammation from infected surfaces. But also the mucous membrane. The dentist noticed positive changes.

Accept Kalanchoe, and I would advise young mothers. Because its juice is useful for healing cracked nipples. You just have to apply it to the dropper with a few drops on the nipple.



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