Propolis. From ailment help propolis.

How interested in folk medicine, and it is already more than 30 years, only one tool, never a bad word not heard: that it proved ineffective or side effects.

This propolis. In my opinion, in the midst of all the medicines
resources is one of the first places. Treats propolis so many diseases that can only wonder — where there’s so much healing power comes from.

For example, very useful in the treatment of propolis bowel disease, a stomach. And ulcer and gastritis, and duodenitis and other diseases will not stand in front of his drug force.

I’m her husband, using quite old recipe, chronic gastritis cured easily.
Neighbors also helped her to cope duodenal ulcer. In general, one of your friends or addressed — no one is left without help.

From ailment help propolis.

A recipe is: naschipat (but not cut with a knife), about 60 g of propolis and dissolve it in 250 grams of rubbing alcohol.
Shake the bottle until they disperse pieces of propolis.
Defend 7 days. The medicine is ready.
Take one hour before meals for 1 hour. Spoon on half a cup of hot (65 °) water.
Drink as a tea, not allowing to cool, but not burning lips.
Take should be 2-3 weeks. During treatment, you can not drink alcohol.

If you do it right, then the stomach diseases — ulcer, gastritis, and the like are guaranteed 100% cure.

I affirm that because of the more than 20 people to whom I gave this recipe or one disease remained.

Recipe. Butter ointment.

An ointment from propolis and butter can be made quite simply, while it has a wide range of applications. Since the components are completely edible, they can be used both internally and externally. This ointment is used for problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as well as to accelerate the treatment process with external skin lesions, as well as abscesses.


10% tincture of propolis (infused with 90% alcohol for a week);
butter (regular, without salt).


The ingredients are mixed in a strict ratio: tincture of propolis to butter — 10: 1.
Next, this mixture is brought to a boil at home and filtered while hot through cheesecloth.
Tincture from acute diseases of the stomach is ready.

Inside use

Drink freshly baked tincture in case of gastritis should be 25 — 35 drops, after mixing it with milk or water, three times a day, one hour before use. The duration of the full course of treatment is 20 days.



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