Remedy polyps.

Remedy polyps.

Remedy polyps.

Cervical polyp.

Remedy polyps. Disappointing diagnosis — a polyp in the uterus. I do not know why, but I immediately wrote out the direction of the operation.

However, the doctor said that after removal, the polyp can grow back. So what’s the point of doing an operation.

I do not trust modern medicines. But old folk remedies enjoyed by village women are likely to be able to help.
They found the recipe out of this trouble.
Although the recipes initially seemed to me absurd. I was expecting some herbs. But a neighbor ordered me not to buy medicinal herbs. And buy soap, milk and onions. From them and must be prepared medication.

Milk should be sour in a warm place. Put the flask in the oven — let it not be baked on high heat. When the onions are baked, I peeled it. Got a wooden mortar. He took a cotton swab, putting baked onions in the middle. And put it on some time in the vagina.

Remedy polyps.

At night, I changed to another swab, which was a raw chopped onions, mixed evenly with grated soap.
I have this swab — with raw onions and soap — in the morning and in the afternoon the next day.

And in the evening sour milk. I put the pot of milk on a small fire and made cheese. Leaned it on the cheesecloth, I give to drain serum and prepared swab with cream cheese, adding a little honey and aloe. Swab with cheese, I left for the night and in the morning all was green cheese — so much pus from my left. On this day, three times to change tampons — morning, afternoon and at night — and the next day after douching went to the doctor.

That’s where it was found out the most interesting, it turns out, the polyps are gone, leaving only a small pustules. That from these pustules, I continued to be treated. Week to make wads of raw onion and soap and then with cheese. The cottage certainly has put a piece of aloe, a little honey and propolis ointment. Tampons made large, as little could not reach up to the middle of the cervix. In a word, a month later I still was generally clean.

In this recipe the village women use very often, it is very good and cervical erosion, as well as from other women inflammation.

Remedy polyps.


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