Inflammation of the appendages (adneskit) — folk recipes infusions

In women, for various reasons, can become inflamed fallopian tubes and adjacent organs, mostly, it concerns the ovaries.

Most often, inflammation occurs due to contact with the tube of vaginal infections. Antibiotic treatment gives little effect, and if justified by the treatment of inflammation of appendages folk remedies.

Causes and symptoms.

Causes inflammation of the appendages (adnexitis). That is an infection of the vagina. First, the microorganisms act on the vagina. From there they enter the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Increase immunity, as well as cope with infections that affect female organs. Help folk remedies to treat inflammation of the appendages. Gets an infection in fallopian abortion from tubes and ovaries. Abortion is especially dangerous in “improvised” conditions.

At home, abortion or childbirth is dangerous. The impossibility of hygiene. Which leads to infection in the vagina and epididymis.

Representatives of microflora cause a similar disease in men. Inflammation of the epididymis or epididymis. The infection can get into the epididymis during sexual contact or from the intestines and bladder. Inflammation of the epididymis leads to severe pain in the perineum. Sometimes it develops into inflammation not in the appendage, but in most eggs.

Symptoms adneksita.

The first symptom of the disease. Sudden intense pain in the lower abdomen in women, not associated with the menstrual cycle. Pain can even occur in the sacrum and the anus. Sometimes the temperature rises to 38-39 degrees. Nausea, vomiting and weakness are also possible.

We also recommend reading folk remedies for the treatment of polycystic ovaries. Also treatment of ovarian cysts at home. It would not be superfluous to know about these problems. If you do not treat adnexitis immediately, it will become chronic.

Unfortunately, the chronic form of the disease develops without obvious symptoms. The pain may be weak. But constant and aggravated by stress, intercourse and menstruation.

Chronic inflammation of the appendages can cause adhesions in the fallopian tubes. That prevents eggs from entering the uterus. These effects of chronic adnexitis do not allow a woman to become pregnant. If there is inflammation of the appendages before pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy may occur. This is when the fertilized egg does not pass into the uterus, remains in the fallopian tube. And it starts to develop.

Inflammation of the appendages during pregnancy can lead to infertility. When scars and adhesions completely cover the fallopian tube. Adnexitis is a threatened abortion. Antibiotic treatment is harmful to the fetus. Dangerous adnexitis for pregnant women. The fact that the infection can be transmitted to the fetus in the womb. Or during the passage of the birth canal.

adnexitis Treatment.

Inflammation of the appendages eventually leads to a focus of infection around certain obstacles of overgrown tissue. This barrier is useful in that the infection does not pass further into the body, but it also hampers the passage of drugs to infection source.

Also, prolonged exposure of bacteria and viruses within the body gives them a certain resistance to antibiotics, the time taken for other diseases: cold, headache, etc. And antibiotics are taken to combat the inflammation of appendages may be ineffective. So how to treat inflammation of the appendages?

Helps with many women’s diseases, including with adnexitis, folk remedies, especially to them in bacteria is not addictive.





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