A method of treating thrush.

A method of treating thrush.

A method of treating thrush.

Half an hour in 800 ml of boiling water withstand two large spoons of linden inflorescences and three — oak bark. A method of treating thrush. The filtered infusion is used in the evenings.

With thrush on the vaginal mucosa, douching with chamomile infusion (three large spoons) and cuffs (two tablespoons) helps. The herbs are added to 700 ml of water and kept in a water bath for fifteen minutes. The strained broth is used for the procedure in the evenings.

Half a liter container is filled with green walnut shells. The jar is filled to the top with moonshine and left in a dark place for a couple of weeks. Shake the container periodically. The filtered tincture is used as follows: so much is taken per liter of water so that the color of the liquid turns out to be brown, like tea. Douche, 70 ml outflow, repeating three times a day.

Add a small spoonful of table salt and sea salt to a mug of chilled boiled water. Mix well and apply in the evening.

For the destruction of infection and the cessation of secretions, use a collection of one part of the string, one and a half — lavender, two — nettle and three — oak bark. A teaspoon is added to 150 ml of boiling water and left for several hours. After filtration, another 150 ml of pure moisture is introduced, after which the procedure is started. A single dose is seventy milliliters. Repeat twice.

Add a few drops of «brilliant green» to a liter of warm boiled water. Douches twice a day — fifty milliliters of solution for the procedure.
Violation of the dosage can seriously harm, causing dryness of the mucous membrane.

A method of treating thrush.

Many representatives of alternative medicine offer to treat thrush with honey. To a liter of warm boiled moisture add 200 ml of fresh beekeeping product. Use douching solution three times a day. Can be used during pregnancy. If thrush is found in a girl, the composition can be washed.

In a ratio of one to one dilute water at room temperature and Iodinol. For one week, douche in the evenings, using up to seventy milliliters of funds.

A teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide is added to a liter of boiled water, cooled to a comfortable temperature for the body. The douching procedure is carried out once a day. The course continues up to a month. After the first session, there is a decrease in itching and burning. «Cheesy» discharge gradually stops.

Two hundred milliliters of kefir is heated to a temperature of 37 degrees and used for douching. The procedures are performed in the morning and evening.

In a liter of water, boil one hundred grams of pine needles for forty minutes. Filter and use twice. The course of treatment is ten days.

In a liter of warm boiled water, dilute two large tablespoons of freshly squeezed cyclamen juice. The composition is used up to four times a day.

A glass of boiling water steamed half a glass of the root of a yellow water lily. Within twenty minutes, they are evaporated on fire, after which the raw material is squeezed out. Add five cups of water to the finished broth. Apply the folk remedy three times.

Take one lemon. They are washed and juice is extracted with the help of a juicer. Dilute with pure moisture in the amount of two hundred milliliters. Douching is performed with a composition of room temperature twice for seven days.
Regular treatments can trigger an allergic reaction.

Ten medium sheets of laurel are poured into 1 liter of boiling water and simmer in a water bath for about half an hour. Let it brew until cooled and filtered. Procedures with the help of infusion are performed three times a day. Single dose — 250 ml.

A method of treating thrush.
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