Methods for thrush.

Methods for thrush.

Methods for thrush.


Methods for thrush. It is recommended to chew propolis if candidiasis is found on the tongue. A single dose of a bee product should be equal to the size of a pea. Two or three such doses should be consumed per day.
Before using the advice, it is best to make sure that there is no allergic reaction to the beekeeping product.

Rose jam

If thrush is observed in babies (in the mouth), ordinary tea rose jam helps. The main thing is that it is fresh and homemade. A pacifier is dipped into the jam or used to lubricate the baby’s mouth.


With candidiasis in women, it is recommended to take a special syrup, which is easy to prepare at home. To do this, take three onion heads. Grind to a mushy state and squeeze the juice. Combine in a one-to-one ratio with lemon and orange juices. Add two glasses of natural honey and mix thoroughly. Drink up to four times a day for 1 tbsp. l. The course does not stop for four months. After such treatment, it is possible to forget about thrush forever.

Methods for thrush.

Laundry soap

Representatives of alternative medicine recommend that women and men who are faced with genital candidiasis change their regular toilet soap to laundry soap. Washing with it helps to quickly overcome unpleasant itching and odor.

Another way to use laundry soap, which is intended to treat thrush without pills in women, is to prepare a douching solution. A piece of laundry soap is rubbed on a fine grater and diluted in a liter of boiling water.

When it cools down, they douche. It is recommended to spend ten minutes after the procedure in a supine position, after which it is important to rinse the walls of the vagina with clean water.
Prolonged use of laundry soap leads to dryness of the mucous membrane.

Blueberry juice

Bilberry is traditionally recommended for improving visual acuity, but it is no less effective in combating the manifestations of candidiasis in children, men and women. Freshly squeezed juice is used — two glasses three times a day. The treatment is not stopped for two weeks.

Garlic oil

Treatment of thrush at home often proceeds with the use of garlic — a well-known fighter against pathogenic microorganisms. To a glass of vegetable oil, preheated to room temperature, add a tablespoon of grated garlic. Allow to stand for a day in a place hidden from sunlight and filter. A folk remedy is used to treat thrush that bothers a guy or girl. The first should wipe the head of the penis with it, the second — the walls of the vagina.

For candidiasis in men, it is recommended to use cloves of garlic by simply consuming them at lunch or dinner. Such treatment demonstrates high efficiency at the very beginning of the disease.

Tampons for thrush.

Buy a solution of chlorophyllipt in oil at the pharmacy. It moistens a homemade gauze swab, which is inserted into the vagina for eight hours. The recipe is considered effective against unpleasant odor and itching, helps to forget about thrush forever.

Dissolve 15 g of boric acid powder in 250 ml of water. The tampon is moistened in the composition. Placed in the vagina for two hours. Up to four tampons should be placed per day.
Boric acid is a dangerous substance, the prolonged use of which can result in complications and poisoning.

How to get rid of the infection quickly, folk healers suggest. An ampoule of bifidumbacterin is diluted in half a glass of water. Enter 1 tsp. petroleum jelly. A homemade tampon is moistened in the resulting mass. Set at night. The sessions are performed within ten days.

Methods for thrush.
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