Tampons for thrush.

Tampons for thrush.

Tampons for thrush.

At home, thrush in women is recommended to be treated with cotton swabs soaked in special compounds. You can take tampons from the pharmacy or those made by yourself. In the second case, it is important to remember about the need for a «string» for extraction. Typically, tampon treatment continues for up to two weeks, especially if the disease is chronic.

Fifty milliliters of olive oil is poured into a porcelain container. Add a few drops of oregano essential oil and mix thoroughly. A tampon is dipped into an oil folk remedy, which is then inserted as deep as possible into the vagina and left overnight.

You can use honey. The main thing is that the product is not sugar-coated. In a water bath, natural honey is heated to a temperature comfortable for the body. Dip a tampon in it and insert it into the vagina for several hours. Repeat up to three times a day. This treatment is suitable even during pregnancy.
It is important to understand that such treatment can be harmful, since the development of an allergic reaction is possible.

A recipe to help eliminate itching. Natural homemade kefir is heated to a comfortable temperature. A homemade gauze swab is moistened in kefir. Injected into the vagina, leaving overnight. Before the procedure, it is recommended to douche with a solution of magnesia — 1 tbsp per liter of boiled water. l. powder.

Mix glycerin and borax equally. In the resulting composition, a tampon is moistened. Injected into the vagina for three hours. If the symptoms of thrush are acute or the disease is recurrent, you can leave the tampon overnight.

Juice is squeezed out of fresh cranberries. A tampon is moistened in juice and inserted not too deeply into the vagina for two hours. One procedure per day is enough. After five days the itching disappears, the «cheesy» discharge stops.

Tampons for thrush.

A clove of garlic is wrapped with gauze and dipped in olive oil, inserted into the vagina. Leave until morning.
The method is unacceptable as it causes severe burns, followed by burning and itching.

A cotton swab is moistened in the sea buckthorn pharmaceutical oil and inserted into the vagina for four hours, repeating the manipulations daily for five to eight days. For the best effect, you can cook oil at home (for a mug of vegetable oil, a handful of sea buckthorn cake).

Boiled water is frozen in oval-shaped plastic containers. Thus, ice candles are prepared, which are then inserted into the vagina while lying down. Cryotherapy sessions are carried out up to six times a day for a week.
At first glance, the method is simple and tempting, but its use is unjustified. First, there is no proven efficacy in terms of affecting the fungus. Secondly, in this way you can easily earn acute cystitis or awaken chronic.

A tampon soaked in tea tree oil is placed in the vagina overnight. Relieves itching and burning, helps to stop secretions.
It is not uncommon for tea tree oil to cause allergies.

Two tablespoons of natural coconut oil are melted in a water bath. A piece of sterile bandage twisted into a tube is moistened and inserted into the vagina, leaving overnight. The product allows you to overcome unpleasant odor and reduce itching in 1 day.

Steam fresh wormwood herb. Squeeze out excess liquid and spread on a gauze cut. It is folded into a tube and inserted into the vagina at night. Perform every four days.

Tampons for thrush.

Green or blue clay purchased at a pharmacy is diluted with hot water to a thick slurry. A small amount of the mass is placed on a gauze cut and wrapped. The resulting turunda is inserted into the vagina. Take out after 4 hours. Perform daily for ten days.

A teaspoon of cedar resin is diluted in one hundred milliliters of warm water. The solution is impregnated with a tampon, which is placed in the vagina overnight.
May cause severe allergic reactions and mucosal burns.

Add a few drops of grape seed oil to a spoonful of vegetable oil (you can replace it with milk thistle or apricot kernel oil). The oil composition is used to impregnate the tampon. It is inserted into the vagina for about four hours once a day.

Brew ginger root — half a teaspoon of chopped raw materials in 300 ml of water. After half an hour, filter. Mix with five drops of black seed oil. In the resulting composition, a homemade tampon is moistened. Use before bed for three days in a row.

Two hundred grams of crushed propolis is poured into 500 ml of vodka. Withstand three weeks in a place hidden from direct sunlight. Shake the container periodically. It is not recommended to filter the tincture. For tampons, a solution of alcoholic tincture in water is used — a tablespoon per liter of boiled water. One session a day is enough to relieve inflammation and itching.

Tampons for thrush.
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