Infusions from thrush.

Infusions from thrush.

Infusions from thrush.

Reception of phyto-infusions helps at home to deal with manifestations of candidiasis of any localization. Itching, burning are eliminated. If we are talking about thrush of the vaginal mucosa, there are discharge. You need to use infusions for up to two weeks.

Mono Infusions

The treatment of candidiasis in women and men is carried out with the infusion of one of the proposed herbs, it can be clover, elecampane, burdock or nettle deaf. A tablespoon of the selected raw material is poured into 500 ml of boiling water, leaving it under the lid for 5 hours. One hundred fifty milliliters is filtered and taken three times.

To 200 ml of boiling water add a couple of large spoons of one of the proposed plants: poplar buds, calendula, sage, eucalyptus, chamomile, birch buds. Insist folk remedy for at least six hours. Filter. When the body is infected with thrush, they drink a third of the cup three times a day on an empty stomach.

Fifteen grams of juniper fruit is steamed with a mug of boiling water for four hours. After pressing, they drink half a glass three times a day.
Taking the infusion harms pregnant women (can cause miscarriage), people with kidney and liver problems.

Twenty grams of the roots of wormwood are crushed to the state of large crumbs and can withstand an hour in 200 ml of boiling water. Filter through several layers of gauze and drink a tablespoon twice a day.
Taking the infusion can lead to nausea and stomach pain.

Infusions from thrush.

  1. A tablespoon of dried basil is infused for fifteen minutes in a glass of boiling water. They drink the entire volume per day, adding a little natural honey to each serving.
  2. Half a glass of cherry berries is steamed with two cups of hot water or kvass for three hours. After being heated in a water bath, let stand for ten minutes and filter. Add a little natural honey and divide the volume into three portions. Drink per day.
    The bones of the fruits of bird cherry contain a dangerous acid that causes serious harm to the body. Uncontrolled intake turns into poisoning.


  1. Equally connected sage, yarrow and juniper. A teaspoon of ground collection for fifteen minutes is placed in a thermos, filled with a glass of water. Cool and drink ½ cup twice a day on an empty stomach. The infusion is no less effective for douching.
  2. A teaspoon mix wormwood grass and yarrow leaves. Steamed with a liter of boiled liquid for two hours. In strained form, the composition is taken in a cup twice. The recipe helps to cope with the symptoms of thrush in any manifestation, effective in eliminating a recurring disease.
  3. In equal shares combine the color of chamomile and calendula, juniper, bud of birch and poplar, sage, yarrow, and eucalyptus leaves. Two large collection spoons are ground and poured with a mug of boiling water. It is steamed in a water bath for ten minutes, after which it is cooled at room temperature. Filter. Take a third of a cup on a full stomach. Advice is good if there is severe itching on the genital mucosa.
  4. Povovna are connected with cold rhodiola, a pine forest uterus, and a round-leaved wintergreen. Four large spoons are poured with one liter of boiled moisture for six hours. Drink three times a day for 100 ml. Ready infusion is stored in the refrigerator for no more than two days.
  5. If candidiasis is observed in children, you can prepare an infusion of dried carrots, rosehip berries and blackcurrant, nettle leaves. Components are taken equally. Steamed 1 tbsp. l raw materials with a glass of boiled liquid for four hours. After pressing, treatment begins — drinking a few cups per day.
Infusions from thrush.
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