Hronic kidney disease treatment.

Hronic kidney disease treatment.

Health food with uraturia.

Hronic kidney disease treatment.

The main reason for the appearance of urates in the urine. This is a violation of a type of protein metabolism —  the exchange of purines. Hronic kidney disease treatment.
A clear decrease in urate in urine was revealed with a decrease in purine content in food.

Hronic kidney disease treatment.

Many purines in meat, especially in by-products — liver, kidneys. They are also found in fish products, fish roe, seafood (shrimps, crabs), yeast. Purines are present in some algae such as spirulina, which are currently used in the form of biologically active food additives.

From vegetable products it is necessary to limit beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, peanuts, radish, radish. It is necessary to exclude chocolate and cocoa.

Hronic kidney disease treatment.

Dairy products, eggs, bread, cereals and pasta are poor in purines, most vegetables (including potatoes), fruits, berries, nuts. Thus, with uric acid stones a milky herbal diet is shown.

It should be noted that when cooking meat of animals and birds, as well as fish before half of the purines contained in them passes into the broth. Therefore, from diets exclude meat, fish and mushroom broths. Meat and fish change to prepare various dishes after boiling.

In violation of the exchange of purines, they limit the consumption of meat and fatty acids. Exclude marinades, spices.

Mixed stones are often formed from urinary and oxalic acids (urate oxalate stones). From the diet it is recommended to exclude products with a high content of oxalic acid (sorrel, spinach, rhubarb, figs).

Urates are more often formed with a weakly acid reaction of urine. To «alkalinize» urine in the diet use allowed vegetables, fruits, berries, their juices. Also dairy products on the background of the limitation of meat and fish products and partly eggs.

It was found that when the pH of urine is increased from 5.0 to 7.0, the solubility of urates increases by 25 times! It is desirable to combine vegetable and cereal dishes for each meal to more evenly affect the urine reaction.

Increase the consumption of free liquid to 2 liters or more. Unless, of course, there are contraindications from the cardiovascular system and kidneys, evenly distributing its reception throughout the day.

Use a weak tea with lemon or milk, fruit juice, berries, vegetables, decoction of rose hips, water with juices (in particular, lemons and grapefruits), compotes and decoctions of dried fruits. These drinks are useful to drink on an empty stomach or before going to bed, and also in the intervals between meals. Since cranberries and lingonberries contain benzoic acid, which helps to «acidify» urine, drinks from these berries are not used with urate stones.

Dairy, vegetable and fruit-free days are desirable once a week, but not treatment by hunger.
In the season, watermelon days are useful — 1.5-2 kg of watermelon a day. Besides, you can include in the diet of steamy pumpkin, apples, cucumbers, strawberry juice, grated carrots.

In nutrition, you need to focus on products that promote the excretion of urates. Such products include parsley, celery, forest strawberry, pumpkin, watermelon. These foods should be eaten as much as possible.

It is forbidden even once abundant receptions rich in purines meat and fish food and alcoholic beverages.
This combination has a provocative effect on the course of the disease. Perhaps the massive formation of uric acid crystals until the blockage of the urinary tract — «urinary crisis».
Mineral water, used according to the doctor’s prescription, is useful.

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Hronic kidney disease treatment.

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