Stones in the kidneys.

Stones in the kidneys.

Natural remedy better operation.

Stones in the kidneys. I’ll tell you a story that happened in our family and taught me taught.

It all started with the fact that my husband found the stones in the kidney, as well as stones were large, the doctors sent for surgery. My husband, like all men, does not like to be treated, and to my entreaties first undergo treatment at home reacted rather sharply:

«Let them cut out, and the cause of the end!» It was useless to argue, but after talking with his doctor, and I somehow believe that can not do without surgery. But things did not go as we had hoped, and after surgery developed complications.

I will not describe all the details, but we have enough problems. My husband could barely climb out. But after the operation began to often say that doctors can be trusted only as a last resort.

But in less than a year, as happened in my kidney colic. Taken away «by the emergency.» It turned out I also have stones in the kidney, and also not small. But from the operation, I flatly refused. The doctor at the hospital proved to be extremely understanding and said that, in principle, possible to try to cope without surgery.

Medicines navypisyvali me — several thousands of darkness. The trouble here is only that the money in the family is not dense. But treat it is necessary. And I found one recipe that seemed trustworthy.

Natural remedy better operation.

A three-liter jar should be filled with fresh milk. Leave sour. After that, put it in a pot of water. At the bottom of which lay a rag. To the bank did not burst. Kostryu put on fire. The pot is set on fire. When the water boils, the cheese pops up. It must be filtered through cheesecloth and used as desired.

And you will need to treat the remaining cheese whey. In the remaining whey put three fresh eggs. All this put in a warm place on the 10th day. During this time, the shell dissolves.

Remove the eggs, pierce the film with a fork. Add 300 g of honey. Beat well. Put back in the jar with the serum. Put in the refrigerator overnight.

Then drink half a cup in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime. But one serving is not enough. Therefore, you should immediately start cooking the second portion, and then the third. I only needed three servings.

The stones came out without pain. After this treatment, tests showed that there was no stone now. Now I regret only one thing, that in due time I did not dissuade my husband from the operation. Because they managed to get rid of stones without pain. He had to endure the pain.

After all, whatever one may say, and any operation is a tough interference with the work of the organism. Traditional methods are based just on the soft impact. And slowly but surely helps us to be treated. Overcome serious illness.

Stones in the kidneys.

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