Varicose veins treatment.

Varicose veins treatment.

Purification of vessels by folk remedies.

Varicose veins treatment.

Varicose veins treatment. Recipes of folk methods of treatment.

There are many different methods for cleaning vessels. Their advantages are the ability to use them at home, the availability of ingredients, low component costs and ease of use. Some of them help get rid of plaques, while others work to strengthen the heart or the very arteries of the body.

Recipe with garlic.

First you need to clean 150 grams of garlic cloves. After that, they must be finely chopped and folded into a glass jar. The same volume on top should be filled with alcohol or vodka.

The resulting mixture in a dark cool room closed should be insisted for about ten days. After this, the mixture must be filtered through gauze or bandage, folded several times.

The received liquid should stand still 3 days. Only after this period tincture of garlic from plaques in the vessels will be ready. The course of treatment with such a drug is one month. A one-time dose of tincture is twenty drops, dissolved in fifty milliliters of water or milk

Rosehip and pine needles.

For vessels it is not bad to apply a remedy from 5 tablespoons of needles, 2 table spoons of rose hips and 2 tablespoons of onion husks.

A mixture of these ingredients should be poured into 700 milliliters of boiling water, then cook for ten minutes on low heat.

After that, in the thermos, the resulting broth should be infused for about six to eight hours. In order to clear the blood vessels of cholesterol, this means one liter per day must be taken for a whole month.

Walnut on alcohol.

Purification of blood vessels folk remedy from the walnut was used for a long time before the time when the appropriate medications were invented. To prepare this remedy, you need to take a glass of nuts and 500 milliliters of vodka.

Insist liquid for at least one week in a sealed container. Take fifteen to twenty drops in a tablespoon of boiling water for two weeks. In the afternoon, three doses of this drug should be taken before meals.

Citrus fruits and honey.

Cleaning the blood vessels from cholesterol by folk remedies does not always imply the use of unpleasant, tasteless «medicines.» Two lemons and an orange should be cut into small pieces, and then take out the bones.

The resulting slices of citrus fruit should be passed through the meat grinder for grinding. In this mass, you need to add one tablespoon of honey and put the mixture in the refrigerator for a day. Cured damaged vessels can be eaten two to three tablespoons of this remedy every time before eating.

Decoction of hornbeam.

Strengthen the walls of the vessels quite simply can be a decoction of hornbeam. For this it is only necessary to pour one tablespoon of flowers of this tree with boiling water. To insist this broth should 1,5-2 hours under the lid.

The course of treatment in this way takes forty days. Take the fluid three times a day for one hundred milliliters.

The use of raisins and nuts.

Many who are thinking about how to treat blood vessels, do not even suspect that it can be done even without prescriptions. It is enough only to eliminate all the factors that provoke the disease, and also eat three walnuts, ten raisins and one tangerine every morning.

There are foods you need separately before the main meal. Their effectiveness will be noticeable only after six months, but many people confirm that the meaning of such a «therapy» is.


Varicose veins treatment.

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