Kidney disease treatment.

Kidney disease treatment

Kidney disease treatment.

For many years I suffered from kidney problems. Kidney disease treatment. Who knows what pyelonephritis, I understand! What did not try, but completely overcome the disease did not work.

And once I went on vacation to my friend in Karelia. Vacation fell to the beginning of September, and in those parts at this time no one is sitting at home — all in the forest.

Mushrooms and berries are harvested. And the Karelian forests are a real fairy tale. And nothing to look for is not necessary — everything is under your feet growing.

Kidney disease treatment.

I asked my friend in the woods, and on the way we talked, and I talked about my kidney problems. She listened to me and said that cranberries for the kidneys — that’s it! But you need to collect not only berries, but also leaves.

It turns out that she herself got a cranberry leaf from kidney stones, and many other recipes she knows. So I walked through the forest with a basket and a package: the basket — berries, in the package — leaves.

And when they returned home, the berries were touched, the leaves dried on paper spread out, sat down to drink tea, and told me a friend how to treat my kidney.

It is better to begin with berries of cranberries, while in them all the medicinal substances saved. And as the berries end, so it is possible and treated with leaves.

I liked the recipes very much, and it’s very easy to cook and take it easy — no hassle.

Infusion of berries, I cooked this way: 200 g of berries scalded with boiling water, and then insist in two glasses of cooled boiled water 6 hours. Drink half a glass 4 times a day before meals.

A decoction of leaves to cook even easier: a handful of leaves brewed 3 glasses of water and boiled for 10 minutes.
Took 2 tbsp each. spoon 3-4 times a day before meals.

Honestly, I did not immediately believe in the effectiveness of this treatment.
But after a while, I felt better.

Now I just just periodically drink Morse from cranberries for prevention. I prepare it this way: 50 g of cranberry juice I dilute 2/3 cups of boiled water, add honey and drink half the glass several times a day.

By the way, I advise this drink to drink with the flu, headache, high blood pressure, a very good remedy.


Kidney disease treatment

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