Without the cleansing there is no healing.

«Waterway» to health.

Clean the body better resists any infections, and when cleaning during illness faster to cope with it.

Drinking enough fresh water — a necessary condition for maintaining health and slowing the aging process. We need to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day — this ensures the hydration of the body necessary for normal digestion, metabolism and excretion of waste.

According to gastroenterologists, the use of water in the morning — a very good way to «run» the gastrointestinal tract and excrete toxins. After all, for a night on the walls of the digestive tract accumulate waste digestion, gastric juices and mucus, and hot water washes away all the «extra» and removes away from the body (which is why there is often «laxative» effect of this procedure).

But what kind of water to drink to cleanse the body — cold, warm, hot or mineral you have to choose yourself.

Meltwater improve metabolism.

To cleanse the body of toxins and with a vengeance run metabolic processes regularly enough to eat on an empty stomach in the morning for about half an hour before a meal melt water. The fact that it is structurally closest to the water, which consists of our body.

Cooking melt water to drink.

Pour into a container tap water and place in freezer. We expect the appearance of thin, long icicles, get them and throw away, drain with the water in another bowl, and again by sending in the freezer.
By freezing the water is divided into 2 parts: a really clean and turbid ice mixture in which settle contaminants from water. Now you need to remove the mud and water from the melted ice will be clean to drink.

! Remember: useful properties meltwater retains a maximum period of 3 days. Moreover, it is desirable to melt water to drink, as long as it is still floating pieces of ice.

Hot water will keep youth.

Doctors believe that the warm water helps get rid of many gastrointestinal problems, because the water that gets into the stomach before meals, prepares it to the top of digestion.
Drinking boiled hot (but not scalding mucosa) water should be every morning: 1 glass on an empty stomach 40 minutes before meal for 3-4 weeks. To conduct such cleaning should be 4 times a year.

Hot water helps preserve youth, as it speeds up the metabolism. It has a laxative effect, due to which you can safely lose weight, and is a kind of «cleaner» for the whole organism.
This way you can get rid of arthritis, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, constipation, normalize weight, improve your skin, bring sand and stones from the kidney, gall bladder and liver to remove excess fat from problem areas, to give the joints and spine flexibility.

Exercise for effective cleansing.

Sit on a chair with straight legs and back straight, close your eyes and relax, slowly, with breaks to drink a glass of hot water. Then lie down on the mat in the abdomen, dissolve hands, palms down at shoulder level, looking in front of him, leaning chin on mat.

Slowly raise your head and look over your left shoulder to the right heel (when lifting the head to fix the attention of the thyroid gland, and then on the spine between the shoulder blades, then to the lower back). Lower the head to the starting position (delay attention to body parts in reverse order). Repeat to the other side.
When lifting the head can be lifted in his arms, keeping elbows on the mat. This helps promote the water drunk by the gastrointestinal tract and to stir up the spine.

In the process of implementation can occur mild pain, it shows that the body’s purification process is correct.
After exercising in the body a pleasant relief should occur, and you will feel rejuvenated.


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