Vessel Cleansing.

Vessel Cleansing

Vessel Cleansing.

Сlean blood vessels.

Cleansing the arteries and veins of our body from salt deposits and all sorts of sediments, we return them elasticity, flexibility. Also make them young.

As a result of cleansing, vascular diseases are treated. Varicose veins are reduced. Improved hearing and vision. Disappear headaches, sclerosis, the likelihood of a heart attack. Improves the condition of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, bronchi, paranasal sinuses and nasopharynx.

How to clean the vessels? — Best practices

Recipe 1.

Mix 120 g of dried chopped chamomile flowers, birch buds. Add immortelle and hypericum. One teaspoonful of the mixture pour water 0.5 liters. Boil water for three and a half hours. Then filter half the infusion. Dissolve in it one spoon of honey. We drink in the evening before a meal.

Heat up the remaining liquid in the morning. Add honey. Have a drink before eating. Repeat the procedure until the collection of herbs is over. This blood purification method can only be used once every 5 years.

Recipe 2.

Mix a glass of dill seed with two st. Spoons of the crushed root of valerian and two glasses of natural fresh honey. Fill in a thermos (volume of 2 liters), we insist and take under Art. Spoon three times a day before eating.

Recipe 3.

Very well cleans vessels of agrimony or kiwi juice. With thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, six fruits of agrimony should be eaten.

Recipe 4.

We take one art. A spoonful of dried herb litter and pour it a glass of boiling water. We insist 40 minutes, and take three st. Tablespoons for a day.

Vessel Cleansing.

Recipe 5.

200 grams of fruits of nutmeg chopped in a meat grinder or rubbed on a small grater, coffee grinder, pour a liter of quality vodka, we insist for two weeks and filter. We take 20 drops, diluted with water (1: 3).

Recipe 6.

Mix five parts of fresh hips, two parts of nettle leaves, two parts of blackcurrant leaves, one part of strawberry leaves. Two st. Spoons of dry powdered collection are poured in a thermos with 0.5 liters of steep boiling water, we insist for four hours and filter. Before use, add two teaspoons of good honey per glass of infusion. Drink a glass twice a day.

Recipe 7.

We put one bunch of leaves of fresh dandelion for half an hour into salted water, grind, add two crushed walnut kernels and st. Spoon of refined sunflower oil. Mix and eat without restriction (but without fanaticism).


Vessel Cleansing



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