Cleansing the body.

Cleansing the body.

Cleansing the body.

Purification of activated charcoal. Cleansing the body.

Our familiarity with the simple methods of purification, we start with the use of sorbents …
This method is the fact that extremely simple and safe, and can therefore be used in the home. But cleansing is necessary to calculate how many tablets you should take.

Cleansing the body.

Single dose per 10 kg body weight of activated carbon is required, one tablet.
For example, when a body weight of 64 kg is enough 6 tablets, and weighs 78 kg — 8 tablets.

The calculated number of tablets should be taken 2 times a day — morning and evening for 15-30 days.

Tablets are recommended before taking to rub into a powder and drink plenty of water. A need for a day to drink about 2 liters of pure water.

Take along with activated carbon other drugs should not be, as coal will connect and lead them out of the body before they can provide therapeutic effects. It is not recommended in the period of cleansing the body to smoke, abuse alcohol, fatty foods, and other harmful substances, as it will significantly reduce the effect of purification.

Cleansing the body. What can replace the activated carbon?

Activated carbon may be replaced polifepanom Tablets — naturally occurring biopolymer powder prepared also from coniferous trees.

It effectively cleans the food weight from toxins, preventing their absorption into the bloodstream and lymphatic flow, which improves liver, kidneys, lungs and intestine itself, can speed recovery and reduce the severity of the disease.

Polyphepanum easier to use, its efficiency is 5-10 times higher than the activated carbon. It has a higher sorbent properties that is able to bind and neutralize toxic substances of various origins, taking them out of the human body, and thus has a detoxifying effect.

There are liferan — highly enterosorbent plant. It improved by adding microcellulose Polyphepanum, it helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and the removal of radionuclides, activates and increases the number of beneficial microflora in the intestines, regulates peristalsis, prevents and even reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Cleansing the body. Advantages and disadvantages.

By the way, contraindications are not so much. In particular, activated carbon can not be taken at ulcerative lesions and bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract as well as systemic hypersensitivity and antitoxic receiving means providing a suction effect after (e.g., methionine).

Activated carbon outputs together with harmful substances and helpful, taking it slow intestinal motility and, therefore, may be accompanied by constipation, prolonged use of coal can have the opposite effect — cause toxic poisoning, manifested by nausea and vomiting.

Cleansing the body.  Cleansing rules.

To prevent the negative effects of cleaning with activated carbon, it is necessary to strictly observe the following rules:

• Do not exceed the dose posited;

• Do not take the tablets for longer than 30 days;

• drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water;

• after a course of cleansing drink vitamin complex, and include in the diet as much as possible products fermented with live bacteria.

Cleansing the body.




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