Teeth-centenarians. Someone is trying to justify the lack of attention to their health, he said that we come into this world with no teeth and should leave it the same. But here’s the question: I know a lot of people who have lived to a ripe old age (90 years or more) and save not only good health, a clear mind, and all his teeth without any holes! So what do you need in addition to the quality of hygiene and proper care of our teeth?

Three components of success.

I will not spend time on the story as «multiply dental clinics.» It is sad to realize that teeth nowadays very often, even in very young children leave much to be desired. It is unlikely that this is due to the

fact that children eat a lot of sweets. Here, it plays an important role in the overall diet.
Of course, the quality of advanced products is poor, but we’ll talk about what you should eat to keep teeth healthy.


1. I think everyone knows how important calcium teeth.
99% of the calcium in the body is stored in the teeth. To get it
with food, eat yogurt, cheese and other dairy products (with age preference is given to low-fat species), spinach, radishes, broccoli, nuts, beans, beets.
However, getting into the body, calcium is not always well absorbed. Moreover, during thermal processing of the calcium enters indigestible vegetables form.

2. To process was successful, needs vitamin D, and fruits and vegetables eat more raw. Sources of Vitamin D — veal, poultry, eggs, butter, and salt-water fish.

3. Another important element for the teeth — fluoride. His many in black tea, whole grain bread, fish, cereals, raisins.

Trainers need not only your muscles!

You do not smoke, choose the brush, paste and brush your teeth properly, but the teeth you still hurt and destroyed?
Chew better! After all, no-load teeth, as well as muscles, hireyut … Yoga, for example, are advised to chew even milk, and, incidentally, they constantly train their teeth, chew gum, or sprigs of pine trees. Yes there Yoga — many peoples of Siberia is known for a long time, and now coniferous sap for chewing is already available in many pharmacies.
You can arrange a trainer for the teeth and no gum, Take gum without sugar (2-3 pads) and chew until the end of a sweet taste; then add a few drops of essential oil of tea tree, fir, pine and other conifers.

Protection for the gums.

A pinch of chopped grass succession, St. John’s Wort or chamomile pour cup boiling water, cool and rinse your mouth before going to sleep — every time a new infusion.

Mix equal parts of oak bark, chamomile, calendula, 1 h. Spoon collection brewed with boiling water, to insist 1 hour. Strain and rinse your mouth every day.

lubricate the mouth honey, if it were some kind of inflammation.

To strengthen the gums rub them with daily for 2 weeks with a slice of garlic.

Prepare homemade toothpaste.

Need for pasta mix 1 h. Spoon mustard oil and 0.5 g of fine sea salt. Apply the paste on the gums and easy to massage your fingers. If you see
on the gums blood during a massage, not terrible — rinse your mouth with warm water.

This massage helps with bleeding and inflammation of the gums, gingivitis.
Salts can be used instead of turmeric powder. This paste is used to
sleep, toothache and gum bleeding.

And most importantly — be sensible, do not abuse the bleaching agents,
not to spoil and do not lose your teeth.
After all, they are easier to maintain than to cure …

Best Friends teeth.

Contrary to popular belief, chocolate, especially bitter, good for your teeth:
Cocoa beans contain substances that prevent the growth of bacteria.

Spicy food activates salivation, and the saliva not only washes away leftover food, it contains enzymes that destroy bacteria.


Tea, especially green, strengthens tooth enamel. Kills harmful bacteria and regulates the acid-base balance in the mouth.

Natural coffee also has an excellent antibacterial effect. But this applies to dry tea leaves and coffee beans. They need to be chewed for a long time.
Drinks no longer have such a beneficial effect. Therefore, for the prevention of inflammatory processes. Reducing the activity of harmful bacteria, replace morning tea or a coffee cup with warm, clean water with honey (1 tbsp.). This drink strengthens teeth and gums.

Keeping teeth..





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