Cleansing the body.

Cleansing the body.

Cleansing the body.

Festive table without consequences. Household cleansing of the body.

Cleansing the body. Very attentive to the menu of the festive table. Because, if your house is always breaking the table from salads with mayonnaise, smoked sausage dishes, dishes with fried chicken.

Of course, there was alcohol on the table. This can cause an attack of pancreatitis. It will take a long time to heal. Then, sit on a diet.
Therefore, urgently develop healthy habits.

In salads instead of sausages put chicken breasts. Season salads not with mayonnaise, but with a mixture of low-fat cottage cheese with fermented milk and lemon juice.

To taste — you can not tell. Let the smoked meat replace lean meat.
The main dish is best not to fry. And it is better to bake in foil. Fat drained off.

As for alcoholic beverages … So they do not create a mood!
Grape juice and mineral water are moistened in glasses no worse than wine and vodka.

«Detox» will take.

Note horsetail, which can solve two problems: overweight and swelling. It acts as a diuretic, displays the body of excess fluids and toxins that accumulate together with the fat. As a result — cleansing of the body, the removal of edema and weight loss.

Prepare the cleansing infusion as follows:
pour 1 tbsp. l. bottlebrush grass a glass of boiled water and let stand for about 30 minutes. Drink 3 times a day 1/3 cup for 2 weeks. At the same time, try to drink more clean water to the body of harmful substances left, and the necessary amount of liquid remains.

To help restore the liver congested for holidays and improve its blood supply, it is advisable to learn diaphragmatic breathing.

Sit on a chair, back straight. His right hand lay on his chest, and his left hand — on her stomach.
Slowly inhale through the nose and out through clenched teeth, directing air into the stomach, and then fill the air chest. Continue to breathe in the air, pulling the stomach. Wherein the diaphragm rises. Hold your breath for a few seconds and make a full, noisy exhale through the mouth, the lips at the same time add up into a tube.


Cleansing the body.


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