Herbs help.

Herbs help.

Herbs help.

Herbs help. Herbs can help prevent exacerbations.

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The complexity of the treatment of gallstone disease is compounded by the involvement in the pathological process of other digestive organs, particularly the pancreas.
A surgical treatment does not always provide a solution as 15-30% of patients developed postoperative postcholecystectomical syndrome characterized dyspeptic disorders and pain.

Thus, the use of herbal medicine is justified not only in the absence of direct indications for surgical treatment of gallstone disease, and after surgery.

Under the influence of herbal formulations significantly improved the composition of bile, it decreases bilirubin and cholesterol, that is, it becomes less lithogenic. Complex vitamins and other biologically active substances of medicinal plants has a normalizing effect on the liver function and restores the water-salt metabolism.
Medicinal plants anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial and choleretic actions contribute to the elimination of infective and inflammatory processes, eliminate stagnation of bile.

Herbs help.

Treatment of gallstone disease using herbs should be carried out continuously for 1.5-3 years, under medical supervision, with the alternation of various fees and breaks between courses of 2 weeks after receipt of 1.5-2 months. The only way to reach the reception correction of all types of metabolism that occur at this pathology.

! In the presence of large stones, expressed exacerbation during the treatment dose used drugs reduce fees.

1. You can start with a universal collection of medical, well-proven with sand and stones in the gallbladder.
Leaves of nettle, plantain leaves, yarrow flowers ordinary, flowers, tansy, horsetail sprouts field — to 30 g, the grass is common wormwood (mugwort), chamomile flowers, flowers St. John’s wort wort, peppermint leaves, petals of a rose garden — 20 g, grass repeynichka pharmacy (love spell) — 40 g of calendula flowers, the fruits of dill — 10 g
1 tbsp. spoon collection (with slide) pour 2 cups boiling water, under cover for 30 minutes, drain. Drink in 3 receptions for 20 minutes before meals in the form of heat. course — 2 weeks in the first few days of treatment may increase, in which case the infusion dose may decrease.

Herbs can help prevent exacerbations.

2. Rotate this collection can be a different composition, which also helps dissolve small stones in the gall bladder, relieves spasms and facilitates the passage of sand.
Bark of buckthorn olhovidnoy grass parsley vegetable garden — 30 g, grass strawberries forest, grass thoroughwax golden, grass Dandelion ordinary — 20 g, leaves cranberries, herb lemon balm, grass cudweed forest, grass goldenrod ordinary, flowers, Helichrysum, roots calamus, burdock roots — 10 g
Article 1.5. spoon collection brewed in the evening 0.5 liters of boiling water, in a thermos overnight,
strain and drink per day in 3-4 hours in a heated state.

3. Effectively running a mixture of herbs: take equally grass celandine, mountaineer
Avian (knotweed), Hypericum perforatum, Viola tricolor, corn silk, fruits coriander, dandelion root, fennel fruit (or anise).

2 tbsp. spoon mixture add 0.5 liters of hot water, cook over low heat, covered for 10 minutes, let stand 30 minutes, drain. Drink per day in 3-4 divided doses for 20 minutes
before meals.
If you can not find all the components of these charges, you can use the simpler compounds that also effectively help to cope with cholelithiasis.

Herbs can help prevent exacerbations.

4. Helps and this collection: buckthorn bark, roots, medicinal angelica, sage leaves drug — 30 g caraway fruit — 20 g
Prepare and apply in the same way as the previous structure.

5. To dissolve small gallstones is very useful for a long time to accept the infusion of rhizomes of quack grass.
1 tbsp. spoon rhizomes grind on a coffee grinder, pour 300 ml of boiled water at room temperature, to insist 10 hours, drain. Drink per day in 3 divided doses for 20-30 minutes before meals.

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