Clay treating psoriasis.

Clay treating psoriasis.

Bought clay in the pharmacy, it is now not a problem. Clay treating psoriasis. And I was treated well. From clay balls about the size of catalase with a walnut and a day kept them in the sun. The book is written so that the clay is typed energy from the sun. Then mixed in half a lump of salt, molded cake thickness of about 1.5 cm.

These cakes are applied to the affected sites of the skin and fit into a bed for two hours, under a warm blanket. I do it at night, but be sure to wash away the clay just before bedtime.

Clay treating psoriasis.

At first glance, nothing much happened, but I felt better spots turned pale and not so much itching as before.
But the external application I was not limited to, read that clay can be taken orally, it cleanses the body.

I began to dissolve 1 tbsp. clay spoon in a glass of water, let it brew and drink the clay water. The taste is certainly not pleasant, but quite bearable. I saw the same bedtime. Gradually I began to notice that my skin cleared of plaque, itching runs, but repeated procedures clay every day.
After six months on the body is nothing left. So Clay helped me cure «incurable» disease. «

How to treat eczema?

Once one of the patients came to me with severe eczema all over her body. The cause of eczema is in violation of the immunity that manifested an abnormal reaction to different substances:
food, detergents, pollen, perfume and so on.

Eczema is often associated with dysbiosis, in this case, a correction of dysbiosis. When eczema is recommended to take chelators — they
absorb various toxins from the intestines, preventing the body’s self-poisoning and contributing to the proliferation of the normal intestinal flora.

Clay treating psoriasis.

I advised my patient to polyphepan. It is inexpensive, sold in every pharmacy and gives a good effect. The first results in my patient appeared almost immediately. The skin has become clean.

But we will not stop. Since the appearance of eczema is often triggered by frequent stressful situations. It is necessary to take herbal teas, soothing herbs. Motherwort, Valerian, St. John’s Wort.

Starting with small dosages, checking if there is an allergic reaction. Also from the food you need to exclude spicy, salty, smoked food, chocolate, eggs, citrus fruits, alcohol. In general, the diet should be lacto-vegetarian.

Clay treating psoriasis.

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