Clay treating prostatitis.

Clay treating prostatitis.

How to get rid of prostatitis? How is the treatment of prostatitis clay? Clay treating prostatitis.

People’s treatment of prostatitis glinoterapiey. Prostate Diseases (adenoma and prostatitis) can be treated and clay.

Prostatitis — a problem familiar to many. So I want to talk about the treatment of this disease with the help of clay. To do this you will need a gray or blue clay, which is easily available over the counter.

How to get rid of prostatitis?

One sachet of 100 g is enough for 2 treatments. The number of procedures — 5-10, every other day.
2 tbsp. clay tablespoons (50 grams) to soak in the water until the consistency of thick cream.

After that, it is necessary to put on a piece of moist, soaked in warm water and cloth the size of your palm. The resulting poultice is applied to the crotch area by grabbing the base of the scrotum and the anus.

To secure a compress it is necessary to wear swimming trunks — at the same time try to send the scrotum up to give the clay play and capture the largest possible area of the perineum.

To enhance the heating properties of the compress can be covered with cloth on top of a piece of polyethylene.

Keep the compress for half an hour. During the session, it is recommended to lie down or sit in a chair without making active movements.

How to get rid of prostatitis?

Feelings can be very different. From a slight burning sensation to pain sensitivity. Do not be afraid, because all the symptoms indicate that the healing process is going well.

Most often, the most pronounced painful sensations arise in the first session. When clay actively pulls toxins and inflammation products from the accumulated prostate. But with continued treatment, the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

After removing the compress used clay must be removed. And buried in the ground (in the winter — in the snow).

It is impossible to use clay again. The perineum of the perineum and genital organs after removing the compress should be washed with warm water. Clay processing is allowed to mix with an external prostate massage. Which is carried out before applying the compress.

Clay treating prostatitis.

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