Methods for treating arthritis.

Methods for treating arthritis.

Oats has a bracing, tonic, enveloping, choleretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and hematopoietic act:

— Improves and updates the composition of the blood, preventing the formation of blood clots; Methods for treating arthritis.

— Increases the number of white blood cells;
— Normalizes metabolism;
— Effective in the treatment of pancreatitis;
— It has anti-sclerotic action;
— Increases immunity;
— Inhibits the bile and mucus in the body;
— Increases the protective functions of the body, its ability to self-cleaning;
— Hinders the development of degenerative processes in the body due to the large silicon content;
— Stimulates the production of biotin (vitamin substance normalizing cholesterol metabolism, amino acid and protein in the body);
— Stimulates fat metabolism.
Attention! Be sure to add the lemon juice, quince, honey, and if the body allows, cream or other fats.

Oats. Striking result of the use of oats, then I will give a prescription decoction:

Recipe number 1.

1 cup oats need to pour 1 liter of spring water (if not, defend the suit and water). After 10 hours, put on low heat, boil for 30 minutes and to insist, wrapped, 12 hours. Strain, pour spring water to the original volume and drink 3 times a day 1/2 cup 20 min before meal for 2 months, then monthly break and repeat courses
sa. Cycle withstand for 1.5 years. The broth is stored in the refrigerator and reheat slightly before drinking. The result is stunning!

Recipe number 2.

1 kg of oats to wash clean water, pour 5 liters of cold water (structured) and put on fire. From boiling to keep on low heat for 5-6 hours. Strain through a colander and pour into bottles of 0.5 liters. You should get about 5 bottles (at the bottom can be a pellet). Drink 1 bottle per day 3 times before meal for 20-30 minutes. On the fifth day prepare a new batch. Drink 2-3 months, then the same amount of time off. Be sure to add before use lemon juice to taste.
You can add the quince (juice or grated). If the patient is not suffering from obesity or overweight, or add olive butter, honey and cream.

Recipe number 3.

1 cup washed oat grains pour 1 liter of warm water or spring structured. Infuse for 10 hours, then cook for 30 minutes. Infuse a further 12 hours. Strain. The volume of broth bring to 1 liter of boiled water. Take 1/2 cup 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. Course
treatment — 1 month. Making such courses in the spring, summer and autumn.

Methods for treating arthritis.

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