Arthritis treatment.

Arthritis treatment.

Arthritis treatment.

Joint pain, treatment of joints with folk remedies.

Arthritis treatment. How and with what folk remedies can I treat sick joints? Joint pain, treatment with folk remedies.

In the evening, pour 5 grams of gelatin into a 0.5 liter glass jar, fill it with a glass of boiled water (cold!). In the morning, slightly dilute the gelatinous mass of 100 g of boiled water (warm) and drink on an empty stomach (30 minutes before breakfast).

To improve the taste, in the morning, dilute the swollen gelatin juice (preferably orange). Gelatin intake is good for any pain in the joints, but the treatment is not quick. From 1 to 3 months — it all depends on the neglect of the disease.

One of the best folk remedies for arthritic pain can be prepared with their bay leaf. Pour 25 laurel leaves 0.5 liters. Boiling water, let simmer for 5 minutes.

Then all pour into the thermos, let it brew for 3 to 4 hours. The whole broth should be drunk in small sips in one day. So do 3 days, then break for a week, then 3 days again. Treatment is desirable to be carried out 2 times a year.

For any joint pain, eat 2 grams of propolis daily for 1 month. Pure propolis for a long time chew. You can grind it and add it to food. This will make it possible to remove uric acids (the cause of joint pain) from the body. During treatment adhere to a diet.

Pour overnight with cold water 1 tbsp. L. Roots burdock (pre-chop them). In the morning, cook them for 10 minutes, insist 1 hour, strain. Drink small sips during the day. Simultaneously with the reception, make compresses. Prepare the following for the compresses:

In a one-hundred-gram container pour on art. A spoonful of turpentine, vinegar, camphor oil, ammonia;
Melt the fat from the tubular beef bones, add the container to the top, mix well.

In the evening in a water bath, warm up the mixture, moisten a piece of cloth in it, gently attach it to the sick joint and warm it up all night. The course of such treatment is 1 month.

How to apply compresses for pain in joints.

In addition to the above-described mixture for compresses in handwritten books, other effective recipes are given, as well as from which components, to prepare compresses for joint pain:

Mix the same amounts of honey, vegetable oil, propolis tincture. Composition put on the yellow card, attach to the diseased area, secure with a bandage or bandage. Hold until the pain subsides.

Make compresses of black radish. Rub the radish on a grater, put in nylon cloth, wrap the patient joint. Try to be patient and not take off as long as possible — this compress very well warms.

Take equal amounts of aloe juice, crushed root of elecampane, iodine, ammonia. Put everything in a jar with a good lid to prevent ammonia and iodine from evaporating. Let the week stand.

Then spread this oily substance on the joint (do not rub it), cover it with cellophane and wrap it in warmth. Articular pain subsides as soon as you make several compresses.

Mix 1 tbsp. L. Honey with 4 tbsp. Spoonful of vinegar, leave for 3 days in a dark place (cool) to brew. Apply this mixture with a shaving brush on the aching joint (before going to bed), put the film on top, fix it with a bandage. This procedure is conducted 10 evenings in a row. Do not wash the bruise, leave in a jar.

Make compresses with eucalyptus oil and with St. John’s wort flowers. To prepare the ointment, mix 2 g of powder from flowers with 50 g of Vaseline. This ointment is good for rubbing the aching joints. Keep it better in a dark cool place.

Wrap the bottom crust of a loaf of rye bread with a damp cloth and warm it up a little. Lubricate the diseased joint with vegetable oil, put a warmed crust of bread on it, tie it with a damp linen cloth. The pain will quickly subside. If you do this regularly, cleanse the joints of accumulated slags.

Accumulate the roots of the nettle (in autumn). Rinse well, dry. Take 100 grams of ground roots and garlic (gruel), pour 1 liter of vodka, put on a week to insist. Then strain, wring out the precipitate, strain again. Use this medicine to rub sick joints.

Do not forget also that in most cases, pain in the joints is a consequence of malnutrition. To recover was faster, during treatment:

Limit the use of carbohydrates (especially sugar);
Minimize consumption of salt;
Exclude spicy, salty, fried, strong coffee and tea, alcohol.

Improve the quality of your life, treat joint pain with folk remedies. Health to you!


Arthritis treatment.


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