Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease of the joints, which is expressed in the form of violations of articular tissues.

Primarily damaged cartilage that covers the bone surface forming a joint. Disrupted power supply (trophism) and the exchange of cartilage substance.
It loses its extensibility, it is sleek and thin, it microcracks appear. he begins the process of cartilage destruction, accompanied by severe pain, inflammation, joint mobility violation.
Furthermore, this form osteophytes — osseous processes that are the result of bone compaction tkani.Harakternye osteoarthritis symptoms include thickening or inflammation of muscle cramping joint capsule.

Types of osteoarthritis.

Primary (idiopathic) osteoarthritis.
In primary osteartroze usually difficult to determine the cause of the disease. Most likely, this happens in a damaged cartilage genetically determined. Turning to the main diseases include osteoarthritis joints of the hands.

Secondary osteoarthritis develops after various injuries and pathologies of the joints: joint trauma (fracture or dislocation), or congenital dysplasia of the hip, varus (O-shaped) or valgus (X-shaped) deviations tibial axis relative to the femoral axis, defect or position of the knee cup (dysplasia, position, etc.), a stop (short or long first metatarsal, flat or hollow foot), as well as other diseases.

He then affects the large joints of the lower extremities (hip or knee area) and the first metatarsophalangeal joint. Secondary osteoarthritis develops over the life of the various negative factors.

These include:

— A chronic disease of the joints (rheumatoid arthritis, pyrophosphate arthropathy et al.);

— Any deformation of the articular end of the bone (aseptic necrosis of bone, Paget’s disease, Gaucher’s disease, etc.) ;.

— Systemic metabolic disease (ochronosis). In this case, mainly affected cartilage;

-. Endemic osteoarthritis (Kashin-Beck disease, etc.) This is due to the mineral composition of water and food of a particular region;

— Continuous implementation and congestion, especially weightlifting (some sports, some professions);

— Insufficient supply of blood in relation to the joint (varicose veins), which in itself is not the cause of osteoarthritis.

Development of primary osteoarthritis is caused by a genetic deficiency of the patient’s cartilage. Due to the physical exertion is always the fabric can start to deteriorate.

Thus, if one parent is sick osteoarthritis, children or grandchildren will be formed from the same. with each new generation, before the disease manifests itself.

Today, osteoarthritis is often diagnosed in people aged 40 years.
Toxic substances easily accumulate in the cartilage tissue with difficulty and leached therefrom because no cartilage blood vessels can cause secondary osteoarthritis.

Thus, the danger of people who drink alcohol, smoke, or any suffering — either. infectious diseases
In addition, the development of osteoarthritis can cause endocrine disorders.

— Diabetes or thyroid disease cartilage tissue are particularly sensitive to the level of estrogen. Thus, menopause in women is often correlated with the first «surprise» from joint pain.

Were congenital disorders in the joint structure. If physical activity is always falls on one of its halves, the cartilage is overloaded and wear out quickly. depending on it and chronic hip dysplasia, which is a violation of its development.

After 40 years of chronic dysplasia falls into dysplastic osteoarthritis.
Obese people more than others prone to osteoarthritis, because the joint is an additional burden, and it wears out prematurely.

Atherosclerosis and varicose veins can cause osteoarthritis. and in the first and in the second case as a result of joint vascular disorders fed enough — for which the disease develops.






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