Psoriatic arthritis: Treatment of folk remedies.

Psoriatic arthritis: Treatment of folk remedies.

Psoriatic arthritis — a chronic disease with periods of exacerbation and subremissy. Arthritis meet acute and transitory. These arthritis mimic arthritic or rheumatoid arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis: Treatment of folk remedies.

Sometimes recorded in psoriatic arthritis symptoms of internal organ: the myocardium (myocarditis), lower urinary tract (urethritis, etc.) The eye (iritis), and the development of amyloidosis.

Psoriatic arthritis: Treatment of folk remedies.

The scheme of treatment of psoriatic arthritis include drugs of plant origin.

Fitoparosauna (daily) — modified cedar sauna. Duration of procedure — 10-20 min, a course of 10 treatments with an interval of 1-2 months.
Before the procedure, it is desirable to take a shower. The procedure is divided into 2 phase lasting for 5-15 minutes each: the first visit to the sauna to wash off the sweat, to make a 5-10 minute break after the second visit, the sweat does not wash off, and wrap in a dry sheet and lie down for 1 hour.

Collection (r) for fitoparosauny: lingonberry leaves — 20.0, calendula, flowers — 10.0, juniper, fruit — 10.0, Sambucus nigra, flowers — 15.0, horsetail, grass — 20.0, birch leaves — 15.0, nettle, line stya — 100.0;

You can use a different part of the plant, depending on the aim pursued treatment:

anti — calamus, nard, oregano, chamomile, trifol, horsetail, celandine, eucalyptus;

antiallergic — nettle and deaf, Kuril tea, lagohilus, Lungwort, yarrow, violet tricolor, horsetail;

improves microcirculation — arnica, ginkgo biloba, chestnut, meadow-sweet;

protivoekssudativnoe — astragalus, willow, lady’s mantle, shepherd’s purse, spirea, yarrow, celandine;

immunostimulatory — aloe, Aralia, kalanchoe, Leuzea, rhodiola, Siberian ginseng, echinacea;

analgesic — rosemary, oregano, lemon balm, mint, Potentilla;

silicon — nettle, lungwort, galeopsis, horsetail;

nootropic — Maak, Rhodiola rosea, Potentilla;

lymphotropic — Leuzea, cuff, Potentilla, meadowsweet, horsetail;

diuretic — cranberries, pear, rushanki, angelica, bearberry, horsetail.

After fitoparosauny in the lumbar region balsamic rub liquid containing St. John’s wort oil, the juice of plantain, for 20 minutes, fir oil, calendula tincture, fat bear (badger).

Psoriatic arthritis: Treatment of folk remedies.

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