The main male disease — prostate.

Prostate. The most common disease among men can be called prostatitis. Because it covers more than half the male population of the planet. And if earlier suffered men over 50 years. Now they have become more vulnerable with age of 30 years.

Prostatitis is an inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland. The course of the disease is complicated by the fact that the prostate gland is located near the urinary canal.
Increasing in size, the prostate begins to put pressure on the urethra. To cause urination is a complex and painful process.

The prostate gland and performs such an important function as the main production component of sperm. This prostate juice is used to maintain the activity of sperm. It also prevents testosterone hormone infection in the prostate gland. Consequently, hormonal disorders may occur. As well as increased susceptibility to infections. And most importantly, a decrease in sexual activity.

There are many causes of this disease. This is facilitated by various infections that can spread from a number of institutions. Also various chronic diseases (pharyngitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis). Such factors as unfavorable ecological situation, stress, unhealthy diet have a great influence on men’s health. Inflammation and blood stasis occur in the prostate gland. This is observed in people who move a little. Lack of sex also negatively affects the state of the sexual sphere.

There are infectious and noninfectious prostatitis.

Infection is caused by viruses prostatitis ingress of bacteria and infections such as mycoplasma, ureaplasma or prostate in closely spaced bodies.

Non-infectious prostatitis is more common. The reason for its occurrence is the stagnation of blood or prostate secretions.

The presence of prostate can be determined by various symptoms. There are back pain during intercourse, fever. At the same time, the pain are not only strong and unpleasant, but so frequent that prevent a normal life. The main symptom is, of course, the difficulty with urination. At the same time, the urge becoming more common as the bladder does not empty completely. If you run this disease, the prostate can cause a decrease in sex hormones and lead to impotence.

If there were these symptoms, you should immediately report them to the doctor. After all, only a specialist can diagnose the degree of severity of inflammation, as well as prescribe the right treatment. It usually includes a reception immunostimulating, antibacterial drugs, prostate massage.

In chronic stages and surgical uses. Modern medicine is able to save you from the painful suffering caused by prostatitis with the latest products and technologies. And if you want to take this chance, it depends only on you. The best way to treat prostatitis — is preventing its occurrence. Annual visit to the urologist may prevent the emergence of the disease.




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