Back pain treatment.

Back pain treatment.

Compress for the spine.

Back pain treatment.

Already many years at attacks of an osteochondrosis, and with it or him my acquaintance has taken place very much for a long time, I do or make a compress. Back pain treatment.
First you need to take evenly the celandine, aloe, mallow and pepper bitter, and grind all this in a meat grinder.
Add 0.5 liters of wine and 0.5 liters of moonshine, 2 ampoules of novocaine, 10 ampoules of vitamin B.

The resulting mixture to soak a piece of cloth, put it on a sore spot, and on top to properly take cover. Do this at night, in the morning rinse the body with cold water. Pain lets go from the first time.

We treat osteochondrosis.

For the treatment of osteochondrosis, radiculitis there is an effective remedy: put 250 g of medical bile, 150 g of camphor alcohol, 2-3 crushed pods of bitter pepper in a bottle of dark glass and cover with a stopper.
After 7 days the composition is ready. Lubricate the fabric with the composition, put it on the sore spot, cover it with cellophane and a handkerchief.

The time of the procedure is from 2 to 6 hours. The course of 5-10 procedures.
It is better to do at night.

Back pain treatment. Burdock back will help.

Many people have heard about sciatica. Sometimes the pain just drives you crazy.
But you can get rid of it.

For example, using a burdock compress. Take 9-10 leaves of burdock. Put them on the table with a stack of light side down on each other, and on top put a large pot of boiling water for about five minutes.
Then, the formed cake should be placed on the sore spot with the side that was closer to the table, covering mugs with compress paper and fixing with a belt or any woolen shawl.

Compress to keep two hours and do at least 3 times a day.
Radiculitis of moderate severity is cured within three days.
With a severe attack I finished in five days, the good of the burdock around enough.

Back pain treatment.

And for the winter I stock up on burdock. I collect them in August and dry them in the shade.
And then, if there is an attack suddenly, i steam off the leaves in a colander over steam until they become wet.

The healing effect is the same as from fresh leaves.
And if you suddenly have a burdock at hand, i will offer you another proven way to help with radiculitis.
You need to put a 6×4 copper plate on a sore spot and wear it in the daytime and at night, until the pain passes.


Back pain treatment.

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