Knee pain treatment.

Knee pain treatment.

Knee pain treatment.

Effective treatment of knee pain with folk remedies.

Today’s topic. How to treat pain in the knees with simple folk remedies. Pain in the knee joints is a problem for many. Even very many people, especially the venerable age.

At today’s prices, many do not have enough money. To consult with a good, experienced doctor. To be treated with expensive medications. Folk recipes in such cases are very useful. Consequently, they will help get rid of the disease.

Treatment of knee pain with folk remedies.

These folk remedies are quite simple. They effectively relieve pain.
Eat 2-3 cloves of garlic a day. It helps a lot from pain, salt deposits, tumors.

Eat dandelion flowers all spring and the pain will disappear. You should eat only petals without sepals.
If your knees hurt, clean the joints of salt deposits. 10 g of bay leaf pour 2 cups of water. Cook for 15 minutes.

Then pour everything into a thermos. Together with the leaves. Top up with boiled water. Let stand for 2 hours. Take a few sips during the day and 1 glass of filtered infusions. Two days in a row. Repeat the treatment in a week.

Boil the potatoes (do not need to clean). Drain, put on, put on cloth and put on sick knees. Hold until cool, then knees well wrap. The treatment time is 7-10 days.

Prepare a mixture for compresses. 2 chicken eggs, pour 200 g of vinegar essence. Keep them there until complete dissolution. Then mix well. Add 300 g of melted pork fat, 20 tablets of dipyrone and aspirin (powder).

Mix thoroughly. With this mixture, make compresses on your lap. From the upper winds something warm. They improve lubrication in the knee joints. Eliminate the pain. Continue to do them until full recovery.

Treatment of knee pain with folk remedies.

Mix equal amounts of camphor oil and ammonia. Shake well. Rub this mixture into sore knees (dry) in the morning, for lunch and in the evening. Attach a red woolen cloth on top and put cotton on top.

Secure with elastic bandage. If the skin is very tender, take 1 part alcohol and 2 parts camphor oil. You can do this before bed and leave until morning.

Before going to bed, rub the sore spots with camphor oil, wrap it with a cotton cloth soaked in vodka or moonshine, cover it with wax paper or a sheet of paper in two layers (not with cellophane!)

And wrap it with a woolen shawl. Usually, after 10 days of treatment, the pain disappears. With an old disease, 20 to 30 daily procedures are needed.

At night, spread the knees with honey. Wrap the toilet paper (three layers). Top with mustard plasters, wrap with film or cellophane. Heat wrap up. To reduce burning, you can lubricate the knees with sunflower oil before the procedure.

Shredded chalk with kefir. Before going to bed, put on your knees, wrapped with cellophane and a warm kerchief.

How to treat articular pains in the knees in May wormwood.

Prepare the tool:

Tear the May wormwood (before flowering). Rinse, dry on a rag, tear off the leaves with cuttings and thin twigs and chop the meat grinder.
Litrovy bank of this wormwood mass pour a good brew or strong vodka, let it brew for a week.

Before going to bed, put the present mass on painful places, cover with a cloth, then with cellophane and wrap it warmly. In the morning untie, wormwood mass slightly moistened with vodka and again wrap. One wormwood can be used 3 times.

Root of horseradish from pain in the knees.

On a large grater, root the horseradish root, pour it with strong vodka (ratio 1: 1). Leave it for 3 days, then make rubbers and compresses for the night.

Here is an example of how to do it: fill a 0.5-liter pot half-filled with grated horseradish, and then top up with vodka (or a good home-brew). After three days, start treatment — one day do the rubbing, the other — compress. Compress do this:

Take a piece of linen or cotton fabric, fold in half, put the cake from the horseradish (from the jar) between layers and lay it to the knees.
Cover with a compressor paper or cellophane film, wrap it well with a woolen cloth.

To prevent a burn — a strong reddening, adjust the duration of the procedure according to the tenderness of your skin, add a little each day. The method is very effective. Usually, on the 5th day — a significant improvement, and after 10 — 12 procedures you will forget about the knees.


Knee pain treatment.



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