adult acne

Professional ailment.

adult acne.

Once at work, our guard told me such a story …

After retiring, he got a job as a watchman in a wood warehouse. But the dampness was strong there, so the chiri came out of it.

adult acne.

He heals them, and they climb. First he treated them with baked onions — it did not help; Then applied leaves of plantain, a little pain removed — the leaves dried out, the abscesses burst, and in another place they again jumped out.
But in what place pops up, on which you have to sit.

Everyone laughed at him and joked that it was better not to find an illness for the watchman.
And he was looking for all the new methods of treatment, to get rid of the chirps once and for all.
Also has found — one healer has prompted.

It is necessary inside to take once a day burning sulfur from a pharmacy the size of peas. Only during the reception of sulfur is necessary at night for 20 minutes, right on the buttocks, put ordinary mustard plasters, for chiri and furuncles are a disease of blood that is «earned» by the fact that a person was imprudent to sit on a cold stone, iron, concrete or simply on the ground, And after three evenings with mustard plasters, he said good-bye with chirjas forever. If someone has such trouble, try it, you will not regret it.


adult acne

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