Cystic acne treatment.

Cystic acne treatment.

Has got rid of furuncles without operation.

Cystic acne treatment.

Once in the wellness camp, my daughter was supercooled. Cystic acne treatment. Apparently, on the lake bought. She developed boils.

The doctor in the camp sent us to the city. We were immediately put in the skin compartment.

But after examining the daughter, the doctors said that such furuncles are removed only by surgery. They transferred to the surgical department to perform the operation. While we waited for a doctor’s examination, we met a girl of about thirteen.

The girl had small scars on her face.

Cystic acne treatment.

But you imagine what it means to be a «small» scar for a person. Men, may, and decorate the scars, but for the girl this is akin to a catastrophe. So the whole life with them and walk, on the forehead or cheek scar seems huge, even if very small.

The girl with tears in her eyes said that she also had furuncles that cut. She says that her parents sent her there in vain, they’d better treat themselves with various poultices.

Let them go through a year or two,
but there would be no scarring, which is forever.

And when the doctors honestly confirmed that yes, the scars would remain, we refused their services. Went to be treated home.

Now (and it’s been more than 10 years), they say, you can do this operation on some expensive equipment.

In general, I began to go around all the village grandmothers, ask who knows what, who will advise what. Their advice was so large that it would be enough for a whole book.

We started with this mask. I took potatoes raw, rubbed, 100 g of it took and mixed with raw yolk, lemon juice, a tablespoon lean oil and copper vitriol at the tip of the knife.

This mask the daughter imposed in the morning on the face wiped with infusion of calendula. She kept for 15-20 minutes, then washed off with warm water.

In the evening I did the following procedure: the furuncles smeared with their own cooking oil. I cooked it in a clay bowl of 4 teaspoons of beeswax. I added 1 teaspoon of propolis and castor oil and 2 tsp of rosin.

The ointment was not easy to prepare. It had to be heated, and a little bit, and very carefully pour a teaspoon of turpentine into it. Be careful, because it can break out.

I kept this ointment on a tiny fire for 40-45 minutes. Then, when it is a little cool, I still spread it on the linen handkerchief. I put my daughter on my face. They held for 12-15 minutes.

Grandmother, who gave the prescription, warned that she could start burning. Then the lotion needs to be removed immediately. Otherwise, the face will burn and it will be even worse. Both of these procedures we did every day.

At the same time, we were advised on an empty stomach to drink a glass of raw potato juice. Furuncles began to open soon. Some in 10 days, others only after a month.

When they opened up and came out a huge amount of pus. We are on them they applied urine lotions, because that’s how they healed better.
There were no traces left.

On one, which did not want to heal for a long time, a compress was applied from the evaporated urine. Furuncles have passed, there are no traces left.
Now all this is remembered as a terrible dream. I hope that it will not happen again.


Cystic acne treatment.

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