Cystic acne.

Cystic acne.

Salvation for a teenager. Cystic acne.

Cystic acne. No, probably, the problems are more pressing for adolescents than acne. Pryshchiki these entire life spoil the youth. Unfortunately, my son was no exception. It was only fifteen years ago that the eels climbed.

Cystic acne.

In less than two months, as the whole face of the guy was strewn with small red dots. My son, naturally, did not want to go either to the street or to school. Of course, immediately began to different means to try, tonics of all kinds, imported special means. Have tormented almost half a year.

Some of the tried and tested means gave a temporary effect, but soon the eels appeared again. The case helped.

There was a preventive medical examination at school. On it, a simple school nurse told my son to be simple, but, she said, a very effective recipe.

3 tbsp. Spoons of crushed cucumbers pour a glass of steep boiling water. Insist for 2-3 hours. Then strain. Squeeze the precipitate and add to the infusion one spoon of natural honey. Stir well until completely dissolved.

The prepared mixture should be applied with a swab after washing on face. Thoroughly grind. After about half an hour, rinse your face cool water.

And what was my surprise when in a year and a half or two weeks the eels began to disappear. But the most surprising thing is that this was not a temporary effect.
Gradually his son’s face was completely purified.


Cystic acne.

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