Sore throat relief.

Sore throat relief.

Home paracetamol. Sore throat relief.

Sore throat relief. «Home paracetamol», which I have been preparing for several years, as soon as I learned his prescription. The first remedy for colds, coughs and fever. It helps, so I always keep this medicine in the fridge, just in case.

And I cook it this way:

1 kg of young shoots of fir or pine buds and 0.5 kg of raspberry roots to grind. Lay in layers in a glass jar, shifting between layers of sugar and honey (1 kg of sugar and 0.5 kg of honey). Add 200 ml of boiling water to the jar. Insist day. Then simmer in a water bath for 6-8 hours. Again insist two days.

Form the infusion to merge into another container. Store in a cool, dark place. Adults take juice for 1 tbsp. spoon 4-5 times a day before meals.

 Sore throat relief. Carnation for the throat.

I have been suffering from weak tonsils since my childhood. Angina happens even in the summer, you just swim or drink in the heat of cold water.

Doctors more than once raised the issue of removing tonsils, but I’m terribly afraid of surgery.
Fortunately, I got a recipe for the eye, which cures inflammation of the tonsils and tonsillitis. This is a tincture of cloves (spices) on cognac.

Prepare it this way:

5 g cloves pour 200 g cognac. Let it brew for 2 weeks. Ready tincture 2 times a day in the morning and evening before bedtime. You need to drip 4 drops on each tonsil.

By the way, this recipe is suitable for children. Only in this case it is necessary dilute the tincture with water 1: 1 and drip, too, 4 drops. The course of treatment is a week. Repeat it should be as necessary. Using this recipe, I finally got rid of the persistent angina, and my son has also treated many times successfully, too.


Sore throat relief.

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