Sore throat.

Sore throat.

Sore throat. Warm or cool?

Throat than to treat at home.

Each of us got used to the fact that if you have a sore throat, you need to take warm milk, tea, wear a scarf. In short, warm throat. At the same time, the United States people are accustomed to treat cold sore throat. Who is right after all? Sore throat.

First of all, let’s understand the consequences of the cold.

1. Natural anesthetic. The common cold very quickly relieves pain. Eating ice cream or soft drinks affects sore throat. Good anesthetic. Causes numbness. Reduces the sensitivity of the mucous membrane.

2. Chills — a way to stop the proliferation of bacteria. Stops the inflammatory process that occurs in the throat. At the same time, warm bacteria multiply much more actively. This means that the cold can be delayed.

3. Cold reduces swelling of tissues, constricting blood vessels. It improves the ability to swallow. Restores it.

4. As paradoxical as it may sound, a cold compress applied to the area of the throat, is able to enhance the inflow of heat. Especially if it woolen cloth cover.

5. Sore throat and loose tissue is not conducive to the rapid and easy flow of food. The only exception — it’s ice cream. It is cold and gentle, carbohydrates and protein make it possible to quickly restore power, creamy ice cream texture does not irritate the throat.

That is why in the first few days of angina ice cream — an excellent replacement for the heavy and rough food.

What is the use of heat?

1. When a person warm, improves the general condition of the body. At the same time, cold food or liquid to enhance the manifestation of fever — the patient developed drowsiness, weakness, chills, becomes stronger.

2. Proponents of the doctrine of Ayurveda sincerely believe that the consumption of dairy products, including ice cream, leading to increased production of mucus. This means that a runny nose from ice cream will increase, mucous membranes will become even looser.

3. Warm the food, unlike the cold, does not cause vascular spasms, difficulty breathing and swallowing. Therefore, the warm chicken broth, vegetable soup or soup — a natural means, reduces inflammation better than ice cream. In addition, they help to quickly regain strength and do not injure the throat.

4. It should be remembered that the throat cooling is more short-term positive effect, but in general slows down the process of full recovery. This is due to the fact that for any cooling of the body’s defenses weakened. Especially this is true for older people and children.

5. Remember that warm gargle significantly more effective than cold. This is due to the fact that the drug solution is sucked into the amygdala, but not only washes away the slime during the procedure. Naturally, the warm solution is absorbed considerably faster.

What is the option preferred?

It may seem surprising, but the treatment of the patient’s throat with an ice and beverage products is really quite effective, but this applies only to the first phase of the disease. In the first day or two do have a good chance to stop the progression of the disease by the method of «like cures like.» In the event that a few hours after eating ice cream or cold drinks the pain has not diminished, and continues to grow, it is necessary to turn to the more familiar to us treatments.

Dear parents! Please note that the use of cold drinks and ice cream sick children is absolutely undesirable, as it can significantly harm the latter. Moreover, one should not experiment with cold and in the event that the patient’s body temperature is higher than 38 degrees, there is a fever and chills.

In that case, if symptomatic treatment by heat or cold does not work for three days, you must consult a doctor to determine the tactics of further treatment. If we are talking about tonsillitis, patients received antibiotics when a sore throat — inflammatory. Do not engage in self — it can be dangerous.

Please note that a cold rinse — a very effective method of tempering weak throat.
However, to start it should only be the case when you are completely healthy. You can start with the warm rinse with a solution of calendula and chamomile. Follow the procedure on a daily basis, gradually making all cooler solution. After two weeks, you should gargle already very cold solution. This method of hardening the throat can be useful for children and adults.



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