skin care products

skin care products

Golden marigold for your beauty.

skin care products.

For problematic skin.

Since ancient times, calendula has been widely used in cosmetics and for the treatment of problematic skin. The antiseptic and wound healing effect of calendula, as well as its anti-inflammatory and astringent, skin-tightening properties make this medicinal plant literally irreplaceable in problem skin.

When acne is used infusion of marigolds, which narrows the pores and reduces sebum.
Spoon a teaspoon of inflorescences with a glass of boiling water, wrap it well and let it brew for an hour, then strain it.
With this infusion, wipe the face. Keep the infusion in the refrigerator, every two a new infusion should be prepared. However, if the infusion of marigolds is mixed with vodka in the ratio 1: 1, you get a tonic for the face, which is stored for a long time, and at room temperature.

skin care products.

An excellent anti-aging mask for the face can be done if the infusion Calendula mixed with wheat flour to the consistency of thick sour cream.
This mixture is applied to the face for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
Calendula perfectly tones up the skin, and the flour draws blood to the skin, increases blood circulation — hence the rejuvenating effect of this mask. Do these masks 2 times a week, but not more often, since this is a powerful procedure. This mask well smoothes wrinkles, especially it is effective for fighting the so-called goose paws, which with age often appear at the outer corners of the eyes.

The Magnificent Five

skin care products.

If you combine calendula with herbs that improve the function of the skin, then the therapeutic and cosmetic effect of such herbal masks will increase. The best results give a combination of calendula with herbs such as crayfish, tri-colored violet, rosemary.

Rosemary is one of the five most effective for the treatment of skin diseases of herbal remedies. Also in this remarkable five includes chamomile, calendula, sage and violet.
So rosemary has a rejuvenating effect and excellent antioxidant properties. Make a collection of equal parts of marigold and Rosemary, a tablespoon of the collection brew a glass of steep boiling water, let it brew and strain. On the received infusion you can make a mask with wheat or pea flour, and the remaining infusion use for preparation of cosmetic ice cubes, which is useful for wiping
Skin, or just drink this infusion like tea — after all, the herbs act like outside, and from the inside.

skin care products.

It is advisable to combine calendula with St. John’s wort: it has antiseptic, wound-healing and antitumor (dissolve furuncles) properties.
Seeds of St. John’s wort are especially effective for resorption of furuncles. In addition, I recommend the combination of calendula with horsetail, especially with problematic skin, when other drugs do not help.
The fact that horsetail due to its trace element composition, possibly due to the high content of silicon, improves skin function and helps to defeat acne.

When cuts help healing ointment, which is prepared from a teaspoon of tincture of calendula and two teaspoons of Vaseline.
Cracks on the lips and in the corners of the mouth are smeared with infusion of marigold flowers in vegetable oil.
1 part of the flowers fill with 10 parts of olive or other vegetable oil, let it brew for 12 hours, then heat in a water bath for 30 minutes and strain.
Cracked lips lubricate with this oil infusion after each meal.
In case of acute burns for pain relief, use undiluted pharmacy tincture of calendula. Dampen the napkin from the cloth or from two layers of gauze and apply it to the burned skin for 5 minutes. After that, you can use other drugs.

With oily seborrhea, oily dandruff and hair loss in the scalp, rub twice the diluted drug alcohol tincture of calendula. The procedure is carried out every other day for a month, after 3-4 weeks, the course of treatment can be repeated.
To strengthen the gums and with stomatitis daily rinsing with a teaspoonful of alcohol calendula tincture in a glass of warm water or filtered by a warm water infusion of a teaspoon of dried marigold flowers in a glass of steep boiling water will help.


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